the artie y peeko award awarded to dada by mistayk

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay sumhow dada got an award thingie for his other blog he got it frum the finicky penguin i am shoor their wuz sum mistayk and i wuz suppozed to get it but ennyway he askd me to help owt and distribyoot the award to sum of my leejuns of adoring fanz so pleez go see him at his other blog to see this award ok bye

Bunnies Climb Trees, Right?

So the other day I noticed that Trixie was standing under the smaller almond tree, staring up into the branches with a hopeful look on her face and wagging her tail.  Apparently she thought she had treed something.  I went out to find out what she was looking at.  A couple of crows were in our big silk floss tree and the neighbor’s evil eucalyptus, cawing and chattering and generally making an enormous racket, so I thought maybe there was a baby crow in the tree.  But no, there was nothing at all; Trixie was staring eagerly at a completely unoccupied branch.  No baby crow, no squirrel, nothing.  Yet she was convinced there was something there, even when I bent the branch down to show her it was empty.

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