anuther postkard!!!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay luk i got another postkard frum my gud frend mercedes rules and unlike the last wun this wun is addressd to me insted of those other pets wot liv heer and tayk away valyoobl time that mama and dada cud utherwize spend cuddling me!!!!

this is a pikcher of the vast fortres nown as biltmore wot stands in the mithical sitty of asheville i am told that mama and dada almost moovd to asheville wunse but didnt becuz their wuz no arthur murry stoodio their that sownds like a weerd reezon not to moov to a playse but i am happy they came heer insted so that they cud adopt me utherwize it wood hav ben a long trip across the country for me to find them ha ha

now abowt biltmore menny peepul beleev that it is just a grate big howse but this is a commun miskunsepshun in fakt as i menshund biltmore is a hyooj fortres that wuz bilt dooring the dark dayz of the teddy ruxpin war wot i discussed erlier biltmore is ware the embaddeld popyoolashun of the mithical stayt of north carolina mayd there last stand aginst the hord of mekanized teddy bare destrukshun and by the time ellen ripley and the spayse mareenz arrivd to lift the seej only thirty-fore peepul were left alive inside theez peepul then went on to rebild north carolina into the luvly and importent mithical stayt it is today amung uther things north carolina manyoofakchers barbecue sawse and moskitos and the famus looieville slugger wich wuz yoozed to grate effekt aginst the teddy ruxpins during the — wot???  oh dada informz me that looieville is akchooally in the mithical stayt of kentucky well ennyway i mite hav got that part rong but the rest of this is all rok solid fakt after all its on the internet ha ha ok bye

8 thoughts on “anuther postkard!!!!!

  1. It does look like the original owners built more and more of that house as time went on — maybe a new room every time they had another child?
    Cai says Shadow has the right idea, and Cai will join you in the wading pool for a game of bobbing-for-rubberballs.

    Dennis says: that duz sownd like fun i hav been in the water a kuple of times now and its not as bad as tucker sed it wuz so its a date ok bye


  2. Wow! I never get any postcards! that is cool you got 2! my mom says that she know all about Teddy Ruxpin, and that some times children treated them like kings! And even had tea parties with them! Is that part of the history?

    Dennis says: yes that wuz all part of there evil plan for wurld dominashun!!!!! ok bye


  3. Wow I learned things from you I never knew Dennis! I like your postcard. I have one I’ll show tomorrow or so. Can mama and dada dance very well?

    Dennis says: well i gess they no a lot of steps but dada sez that a gud danser is alwayz a danser thats better then yoo ar i hav no ideea wot that meenz becuz i dont danse at all eksept wen mama comes home ha ha ok bye


  4. Woohoo~you got your postcard! So you swiped the others’ postcard the other day?? LOL! Tell mama & dada they should be receiving theirs in a few days…unless you sneak out to the mailbox before they do…maybe you should just keep it on the down low-sssshhhhh!


  5. Wow! What Great post cards! And I learned a bit of history today! I didn’t know about the great teddy ruxpin war. Thanks for the info.


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