feed the homeless lady

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay the other day mama tuk tucker and me to the park to wawk arownd and stuf and then sum men came and startd fert … fertal … well they startd spredding powder arownd so mama tuk me and tucker to sit under a tree for a wile then sum peepul came and set up a piknik neerby they wer sum littel samoan girls with there grammy and grampy hoo kept luking at us finaly they came over and askd mama if she wanted sumthing to eet and withowt evn checking with tucker or me she sed no she wuz fine!!!!!  can yoo imajin?!?!?  so then the littel girls went away but then they came bak with a littel soda and a can of pringuls potayto chips and sed to mama “theez ar for yoo” so mama tuk them and still me and tucker didnt get ennything it is more diskriminashun i tell yoo!!!!

well ennyway wen mama told dada abowt the piknik and the littel girls and the free fud dada sed “maybe they thawt yoo wer homeless wot wer yoo waring?”  mama sed in a lowd voise “i wuz waring nice clothes i didn’t luk like a homeless persun!!!!”  she sez maybe it is in the samoan kultcher to share fud with peepul but dada stil sez they thawt she wuz homeless even if she wuz waring cloths withowt holez in them for wunse most the holez in mamas cloths are my fault but luk they got mama a can of pringuls so it all evens owt in the end ha ha ok bye

7 Comments on “feed the homeless lady

  1. My dear Dennis,

    Do you suppose it would have been culturally appropriate for your mama to trade something for the food? Hmm. How do you think Tucker would feel about living in the House of Pringles on a full-time basis?


  2. she should feel privileged. not many people would share…

    Dennis says: oh she did she thawt the girls wer verry kyoot and the piknik was a plezant famly seen to watch but yoo no how silly dada is ok bye


  3. You may have to start saving your milkbone money, Dennis. If you keep reporting Mama and Dada’s conversations when they think you’re not listening, they might take away your computer privileges and you’ll have to buy your own. (Then you could use your old crate as your den ha ha ok bye. )


  4. Sorry you didn’t get any Pringles Dennis. My mommy has holes in her clothes that she wears around the house. 🙂


  5. That was very nice of the little girls, but it would have been even nicer if you could have gotten some chips!



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