hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay a kuple of nice reederz hav askd how dada edits pikchers now of korse all the pikchers on my diry are undoktord and ar akyoorit reflekshuns of the reel wurld however wen dada duz edit a pikcher he yoozes a program calld the person hoo wawks with a limp wich is kind of a clunky naym for a program but — wot??? oh dada sez its just calld the gimp well that is a much shorter naym ennyway dada sez it duz a hole bunch of stuf that he duznt reely understand and a littel bit of stuf that he duz ok bye

tag troubles it

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog my gud frend amanda (the zoes mom wun not the noo york wun) tagd me (but not in a graffiti way) to anser sum kweschuns starting with wot i wuz doing ten yeerz ago sinse i wuz not born ten yeerz ago i kondukted an informul pole of my fello pets and the only wun hoo wuz arownd ten yeerz ago wuz trouble the kitty and beleev it or not she agreed to answer theez kweschuns so heer goze

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