yet anuther postkard!!!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog wow i got anuther postkard today frum my gud frend mercedes she must reely like me!!!!!! ok so it wuz addressd to mama and dada but still i no it wuz reely for me ha ha ok heer it is:

this is a postkard frum the mithical sitty of asheville wot mama and dada almost moovd to only they cudnt on akownt of its being mithical ennyway in this pikcher yoo can see yet agin how the grate teddy ruxpin war affekted the landskape of north carolina on the left is the enormus teddy ruxpin victims memorial this monyoomint rizes over seven thowsind feet into the sky and is inskribed with the names of evrywun hoo wuz lost in that terribul conflikt the bilding in the middel is the hall of justiss ware the peepul hoo programd the evil teddy ruxpins wer tried for war krimes (they wer sentensd to no televizhun for a yeer wich sum thawt wuz a reward rather than a punishmint) and the clok towr on the rite marks the eksact owr and minnit wen the teddy ruxpins wer finaly defeeted as yoo can see the fine peepul of asheville are dedicayted to remembring the horrors of the teddy ruxpin war and that is why the famus comeedyan and screenriter william fawlkner sed that in the sowth the past is nevr ded its not even past ok bye

4 thoughts on “yet anuther postkard!!!!!

  1. Wow all that from one postcard Dennis. You are so smart!! 😉
    The past is really not dead in the Bible Belt of the south. William Faulkner is Cliff’s favorite writer.

    Jim says: Cool! Little-known fact: Quentin Farmer, one of the main characters from my book A Flock of Crows is Called a Murder, is named after Quentin from The Sound and the Fury.


  2. Oh yeah, William Faulkner is one of my favourite comedians! His book As I Lay Howling With Laughter is probably the funniest.


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