vizslas vs the oshun

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog wel yesterday wuz verry eksiting mama and dada tuk us to a dog beech on the mithical iland kingdum of coronado wich is naymd after the famus awtomobeels mayd by desoto and krysler

in order to get to coronado iland yoo hav to go ovr a majical bridj in the sky

unforchoonatly evn tho it is very high and shaypd like an arch it is not the famus rainbow bridj and so i did not get to see pooh bear the kitty on the other side of it howevr i did see a grate big beech

unlike most beeches this wun allowz dogs to run and play off leed me and tucker wer so eksited that we kept pulling on the leed and becuz mama stops wawking wen we pul it tuk us a long long time to get to the beech trixie got their at least a week ahed of us and then had to wayt for us to ketch up

“What is the holdup already???”

at long last we finaly reechd the beech ware off in the distans from dog beech yoo can see the hyooj fortres nown as the hotel del coronado as yoo can tell from the spires and turrits this fortres is inhabited by elvs and pikseez and prinsesses of varyus sorts however we didnt go their so i didnt get to meet them

wunse we arrivd tucker wuz verry puzzeld becuz wile this is kleerly sum sort of dog park it is not feeesta iland and normaly wen we ar in the car for this long and get owt at a playse with dogs and water it meenz we ar at feeesta iland

“Where am I?  This isn’t Fiesta Island!  I’m confused!  Where’s mom?  Where’s Trixie?  Who are all these people?  I’m old and befuddled!”

it turns owt that wile feeesta iland sits in sumthing calld mishun bay coronado dog beech sits in sumthing calld the passific oshun wich is much much biggr and is full of things calld wayvs

and the thing abowt wayvs is that they chayse yoo

Ocean 1, Vizslas 0

Ocean 2, Vizslas 0

“Is the ocean still there?”

“I still don’t know where the heck I am!  Mommmmmmm!”

Ocean 2, Vizslas 1

Ocean 3, Vizslas 1

Ocean 4, Vizslas 1

Ocean 5, Vizslas 1 (seeing a pattern yet?)

Ocean 6, Vizslas 1

Ocean 7, Vizslas 1

after we wer dun at dog beech mama and dada tuk us to a neerby owtdoor shopping senter ware they got sum greek fud frum an owtdoor cafe and then we wanderd arownd the areea for a littel wile as yoo can see we got a gud vyoo of sandy eggo from across the harbor

hay wot is that stuf stikking owt of the grownd?

egad!!!!! this is kleerly sum sort of top sekret gofer fasility cleverly hidden in the middel of a shopping senter behind a chayn fense and sum hedjes!!!!! there nef … nefari … there evil plan to tayk ovr the wurld is mooving forward evn as we speek! forchoonatly i hav menny mor peepul in africa and elseware hoo ar trying to send me lots and lots of munny so soon i will be abel to retreev the gofer broke from undergrownd and continyoo with my mishun to thwart the vast rodent konspeerasy ok bye

14 thoughts on “vizslas vs the oshun

  1. The “sandy eggo” thing cracked me up.

    I can’t see the videos 😦

    I’m hoping to take Zoe to the beach this summer too. She hasn’t been in years.


  2. It looks like WordPress is having a little trouble serving videos at the moment — I went back to some of my older posts and the videos there aren’t working either. Probably the thing to do is to come back and check the videos later. For the moment, if you can just imagine vizslas running like sandpipers away from waves, you’ll get the idea. 😉


  3. I can’t wait to see the video .. I’ll check back later. (I’ve been having problem today also with photo loading). Dennis – Sound like you had a superb Saturday in Sandy Ego … I am jealous because all I’ve done all weekend is clean house, do laundry, and cook! Get some rest. Your friend, D.

    Jim says: Yes, something is definitely going on with WordPress today … I spot-checked some of the other WordPress blogs in my list and for instance Goodbear is showing a huge amount of seemingly random dropout in the pictures on many of her posts. I know Goodbear would never allow that so I’m pretty sure it’s a WordPress issue. I don’t know exactly how they’re set up but if, as an example, they have media servers that are separate from the CMS (as is evidenced by the fact that it’s trying to read the videos from the server at, then this problem could be caused if the WordPress network is saturated, if the media servers are overloaded or otherwise unable to serve their content to the blogs, etc.

    Anyway, I will put up a notice in the form of a new post when the videos are playing reliably so everyone who missed them and wants to see them knows to check back!


  4. Dere Dennis
    Thank u for picshurs of my old home. They made momma kinda sad. ur frend, Robbie

    Dennis says: sorry robbie i didnt meen to make yore mama sad if yoo want to yoo can post pikchers of the eest koast and mayk my mama and dada kinda sad ok bye


  5. This note has appeared in the WordPress control panel (not sure when as I’ve been outside doing yard work all day):

    Notice: Because of an issue with Amazon’s S3 service, some images maybe unavailable for viewing after upload. We are working on resolving this issue and will update the following forum thread with more information as it is available.

    So this essentially confirms my suspicion that I mentioned in my response to twobarkingdogs’s comment. The remote media server (Amazon S3) was down and unable to present data for viewing in the content management system (the blog). It looks like the videos are all working again but a few of them don’t have sound — not sure if that’s Flash on my machine, or S3.

    In any case it seems premature to post that everything is working again, so I won’t. But we appear to be moving in the right direction.


  6. The videos worked fine. They are adorable. I love how they keep running away from the water. I noticed they kept running by mama every little while. :)I swear I saw about 5 viszlas in one frame!??
    San Diego is BEAUTIFUL!! Thanks for this opportunity to see how pretty it is via pics…it may be my only chance. 🙂

    Jim says: You did indeed. It was a vizsla meetup at Coronado Dog Beach. I didn’t get any really good footage of the other Vs though — we were too busy keeping an eye on Dennis, who was a little bit intimidated by the new place and all the activity. (Not to mention the waves!)


  7. We went to Coronado Island several years ago between Christmas and celebrated New Years on the island. We did it because we could get direct flight from Detroit to San Diego for like $110/each! Loved the island and the New Years fireworks were great. The Coronado Hotel is beautiful inside. Didn’t stay there just walked around & had a drink …. ok maybe 3-4 drinks. What a nice place to take the 4-legged kids. You two are such great pet parents.

    Dennis says: mama and dada hav gawn their for drinks and dinnr too but that was befor my time hay if yoo evr come back to sandy eggo yoo can stop by and meet me just be shoor to bring rocket along too ha ha ok bye


  8. Oh my! what a wunderful adventure!! I have never been to a beach! I was wondering is sandy Eggo related to Eggo Waffle? Mom can’t see the video’s this morning so she is pouting. Maybe I should give her a treat to make her smile.


  9. Great videos, Vizslas don’t seem to like the moving water stuff very much do they???

    Jim says: Many of the other vizslas would play in the surf, but our guys didn’t know what to make of it! I guess they’re landlubbers …


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