sumtimes a cardbord toob is just a cardbord toob

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog i hav ben going thru more old pikchers and i fownd this wun of my brother tucker wen he wuz only a fyoo munths old:

as yoo can see he is carrying arownd an enormus cardbord toob tucker tells me he yoozd to be kwite fond of chooing up all kinds of cardbord but now he is mor uf a con … connos … well ennyway now he is mor diskriminating and only choos up cardbord that yoozd to hav fud in it espeshly butter bokses mmmmmm butter ok bye

12 Comments on “sumtimes a cardbord toob is just a cardbord toob

  1. cute.
    if that’s a toilet paper roll then he was very small….

    Dennis says: verry perseptiv goodbear yes tucker is verry small for a vizsla in this pikcher he is about an inch long he is much bigr now tho he is almost a fut from nose to tale ha ha ok bye


  2. We call those things “Doo-daa’s” I make that sound and it echos through the cardboard and scares Zoe. SHe runs and hides until I put it down, then she carries it around, running into walls.


  3. It does rather look like a cigar. Tell me, does Tucker now smoke cigars? The Surgeon General would have something to say about that!


  4. That Tucker sure was one cute puppy!

    Dennis says: yes that is troo its a shaym he grew up so big and obnokshus no im just kidding he didn’t grow up verry big at all ha ha ok bye


  5. Mom locks me out of the room when she’s wrapping Christmas presents ’cause all I want is that cardboard tube!!! they are fun.


  6. In my experience cardboard tubes are never what they appear to be. They have morphed from a larger form into a tube, which means that they have special powers. Be careful.


  7. Aww what a shame they don’t stay that cute…but the trade off would be picking up bits of chewed stuff FOREVER! Hmmmm.


  8. WOW! Your brother is almost as good looking as you are Dennis! Guess you have fantastic


  9. oh how saweeeet! love puppies, love dogs, mmmmm, come to think of it, love furry things of all kinds…


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