The Kitty Song

So just in case you think we’re discriminating against the cat by not singing to her (or perhaps that we’re discriminating against the dogs by singing to them), let me alleviate your concern by presenting The Kitty Song.  This is to the tune of “Oh, Pretty Woman” by Roy Orbison.  It can, of course, be applied (with minor modification) to any two-syllable pet, but around here, it’s usually used to serenade Trouble the cat as she hides in her box like a hermit.

The Kitty Song

Kitty Kitty
Walking on the floor*
Kitty Kitty
We’ll pet you some more
Kitty Kitty
Oh you’re so furry and so cute
No cat could purr as much as you
Oh, oh, kitty kitty!

* This song dates back to when the cat could actually be found walking on the floor instead of hanging out in her cat cup all day long.  It also used to be sung to Pooh Bear, who was notorious for walking around the house in a big circle.

6 thoughts on “The Kitty Song

  1. how cool. didn’t know this song. until now that is… oh, and cyber hugs for my mr. bigglesworth will be appreciated. he’s going in tomorrow, as my 12 year old so eloquently says, to be de-nutted…


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