the tail of the tale

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog well a fyoo weeks ago i menshund that altho i hav a wart on my tale i am not a witch howevr the witch huntrs keep trying to bern me and so mama sez the wart has to come off and — wot???  oh mama sez it has to come off becuz it keeps getting eeritaytd and bleeding not becuz of the witch huntrs wel thats a gud reezon too

so ennyway i will be going to the local vetnameez playse (not the majical mistery vet becuz he is sooooo far away!!!!) on thersday to hav it lukd at and git referrd to a derm … derma … a skin doctr down in sandy eggo my sister trixie saw a derma … dermatol … skin doctr wunse becuz of her allerjeez and then mama spent the next fyoo munths trying to giv her shots with a needel dada wuznt much help becuz when he seez needels he screems and then faynts ha ha no im just kidding he duznt hav time to screem befor he passes owt ennyway i am hoping that the meen old derm … derm … skin doctr duznt mayk mama giv me shots too and im hoping he duznt cut off my tale sinse after all i only hav abowt two thirds of it left to begin with i am not shoor wot happend to the rest of it its been gawn as long as i can remembr maybe sum other vetnameez playse tuk it and sold it on the blak markt but as yoo can see if the skin doctr duznt cut off the rest of my tale i wil be happy to yooze it to help north america acheev enerjy independense:

well ennyway i will let evrywun no how i mayk owt at the vetnameez playse and to all the witch huntrs watch owt or i will turn yoo into a newt ha ha ok bye

8 thoughts on “the tail of the tale

  1. Poor Dennis,

    I hope you’re braver than me or your Dad, and they don’t have to chase you around the operating room with a needle like they do me 🙂

    Tell you’re mommy that plastic hair rollers and “finger splints” make good tail protectors while you are healing.



  2. oh no! i’m sure everything will be fine. When they originally docked Zoe’s tail, they cut off too much. It’s a super short stub, about half the length of other V’s.

    She might have to visit the dermatologist too if her skin problems don’t get better. They’ve ruled out just abuot everything besdies allergies.


  3. I think you’ve found the answer to our energy crisis! This had me laughing out loud! Hope your tail gets taken care of.


  4. Dear Dennis, I don’t know if you know this. So I am going to tell you. You make my mom laugh very loudly every morning when she reads your blog! She visits you and the daily coyote every morning to make her smile and start the day off right. I wish she would laugh like that at my blog. I wonder what I am doing wrong????


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