urjent response

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog well wile i am wayting for the african bankers to send me my munny mor offurs continyoo to roll in wurd must hav gotten owt amung the african banking set that i am a gud dog to giv munny too thats rite evrywun yore illisit cash and top secret skeemz are sayf wth me!!!!

3 thoughts on “urjent response

  1. Dear One,
    Your comments had me laughing out so loud Cliff had to come see what I was laughing about. Cliff said you need to write comedy.
    From Best Regard’s


  2. The scattershot approach doesn’t even work for job applications, let alone asking strangers to manage your fortune. It doesn’t sound like her university has a very good counselling office.


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