The Life Preserver

Well, hello there, Trixie. Why are you wearing that life preserver? Are you going for a swim?

“No, I’m not.”

Hmm, that life preserver seems rather small. Are you sure it’s approved for a dog of your size? Let me look at it from another angle.

“It’s not a life preserver.”

Good gracious! What has happened to your flank? Where is all your beautiful fur? Have you joined a cult? Is this some sort of fashion statement?

“I don’t wish to discuss it.”

Oh, I see! You’re getting a tattoo like Tucker, is that it?

“I’m not getting a tattoo.  And if I did, it wouldn’t say Mom.”

No? Wait, I know! You’re preparing to become a Hare Krishna!

“Now you’re just being silly.  They don’t allow dogs in airports.”

Not that either? Then what? Oh, you’ve been biting yourself because of your allergies? You didn’t get your raw honey yesterday? You had to go to the vet for a cortisone shot and a shave? Oh, poor Trixie! Well, at least no one is posting embarrassing pictures of you on the Internet.

14 thoughts on “The Life Preserver

  1. Had she really got a cortisone shot? Please, Trixie, don’t do it again – it’s very bad for you. If you have food allergy – switch to real meat with rice or potato. I am Daisy, a field spaniel. I know what I am talking about

    Jim says: It’s not a food allergy, it’s a pollen allergy — hence the local raw honey, which helps keep her from biting her paws, which is her usual target. Unfortunately the current batch of raw honey doesn’t seem to quite match up with her allergies, so she’s been a bit more bitey than usual, and when she missed a dose she really went to town on herself. The cortisone was an emergency countermeasure, but not something she gets routinely.


  2. Oh Trixie!! I have allergies too! Mom gives me shots once a month, but they only help a little. I like to lick and chew my paws too. When they did the test they said I was also allergic to stuff like pollen and palm trees! I hope your butt feels better.


  3. That’s the same thing Tuffy had to go to the vet for two Saturdays ago. Cortisone shots are about the only things that really help. Get better pretty Trixie. Dennis, don’t ask ladies such embarrassing questions. LOL on the Hare Krishna and tattoo comments! hehehe


  4. Hope you feel better Trixie. Knock on wood I am allergy free but my Sister Kiana used to be allergic to the fields and get big gross things on her belly that itched like crazy.



  5. Hey, it’s hot out there in Cal-e-for-ny-eh. Should have just had the vet give you a close clipping all over! As long as part of you is shaved what the heck, get a tattoo!


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