I failed to retrieve the Giant Kong from the Kraken before he passed it to the notorious Piranha Brothers.  Now I’ve learned that the Piranha Brothers have fenced it to some mobsters in order to keep it away from the fearsome hedgehog Spiny Norman.  I cannot let this archaeological treasure languish forever in some kingpin’s lair; it belongs to the world, not the underworld.  And so, I must go undercover.

Playing the role of a common house pet, I soon learn that these thuggish criminals are not nearly as ignorant as they seem. Within hours of obtaining the Giant Kong, they have already managed to open it, and have discovered the secret treasure that it contains.

Now that they know what they have, it will be doubly difficult to extricate the Giant Kong from their nefarious clutches. I wait, biding my time, and not coincidentally feasting on Nana’s excellent meatballs that she slips to me as I sit under the table like a good boy. And soon, my patience is rewarded; cracks begin to show in the facade of unity that these gangsters present.

Can I exploit their internal conflicts to get the Kong back? I wait, studying them further, and soon it becomes obvious which of them is the weak link, the most unstable.

But before I have time to fully analyze the little man’s psychosis, disaster strikes. The local kingpin becomes suspicious, and issues an order that cannot be disobeyed:

And just like that, the Giant Kong is whisked away by his minions, slipping once more from my paws. Where have they taken it? How can I get it back? All I can do is put my nose to the ground and follow the trail wherever it leads. Because I am Dennis the Vizsla, and I never give up.

7 thoughts on “Kongfellas

  1. Dennis, I know you will crack the Kong case!

    ps: Here are pets I do not recommend:
    Sea Monkeys: They are not really monkeys. And they went deaded.
    Jumping Beans: They are not much fun. And they went deaded.
    Butterflies: You have to let them free. You cannot eat them all up.


  2. BWAHAHAHAHA You make a FINE movie star Dennis. I wish they had giant kongs so we could fill em with peanut butter or beef stew!!!!!!!!!

    Ray Liota scares my mommy. She says he looks like a child molester…whatever that is.


  3. hehehe Another great movie from you Dennis. I LOVE that first poster! I bet the undercover work was all worth it for Nana’s meatballs!

    Dennis says: yoov got that rite gina so much bettr then the meetballz in the arkeeolgy department kafateerya!!!! ok bye


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