new diggs

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay luk at wot mama got at targit its a new portabul howse for wen we go to ajility and trakking!!!

i bet she got a reely gud prise on it becuz i hav herd that the market for howses is not so gud at the moment but ummmmm mama i dont no much abowt jeometry or fizziks but i am pretty shoor that howse is too small for enny of us dogz to fit in eksept maybe tucker becuz he is a runt ha ha hey mama wot ar yoo dooing????

ooooooh the howse unfolds!!!!! its like majik!!!!! duz targit charj ekstra for this feetcher?

now dont wurry trixie is just kidding she cant zip the door becuz she duznt hav opposabul thums and besides mama and dada havnt got a kloo how to fold the krate bak up into a sirckle agin the best they can manaj is to fold it flat but wot can yoo ekspekt their only peepul

hey mama spiderman is on the fone he wants his lawndry hamper bak!!!!!!!! ha ha ok bye

9 thoughts on “new diggs

  1. HEY! We got that crate. It wasa very scary but mommy says it was a great price. My mom and dad tried for a full hour before they could circle it and return it, hahaha.


  2. Well I don’t like those kinds of houses. I had one once when I was a kid. Once mom left me in it when a strange man came in the house to repair the refrigertator, I thought I heard mom say “help” so I chewed my way out of it to help her. Umm, she didn’t need any help tho.


  3. I don’t like crates. I’m very clostrophobic and shed all my hair when I’m put in one of those. Totally stresses me out unless the crate is large enough to house a great dane or something gigantic I just spazz out.


  4. That thing might solve all the dirt in the sleeping bags if we parked it under the tent fly, maybe? I wouldn’t want it completely outside the tent for fear of nasty nocturnal things.


  5. Tuck doesn’t like being in a crate when he’s waiting for the track to age. He was pawing at it and I had to tell him to stop several times. If I couldn’t see him from where I was, he would’ve wrecked the crate in short order. Also, although the package shows a picture of the crate with eyelets at the bottom so it can be fastened to the ground,there really is no way to fasten this crate to the ground.


  6. Hehehe on that last comment…actually the whole thing. Trixie you are so full of mischief. Tuffy used to have one sort of like that he slept in all the time he was a puppy but now he won’t go near it…darn neurotic chihuahuas.


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