i chose not to predikt it

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog wel yoo may hav herd that we just had a larj erthkwayk in the neerby mithical sitty of los angeles we ar all fine down heer in sandy eggo altho we did get shakn arownd for a fyoo sekunds

as yoo may remembr i hav the power to predikt erthkwayks howevr i chose not to predikt this wun becuz i dont want mama and dada to become complaysent or send me off for sientific eksperiments or try to awkshun off my majical abiliteez i may chooz to predikt the nekst wun or i may chooz not to we will see ha ha ok bye

10 thoughts on “i chose not to predikt it

  1. Dennis – the first thought I had after I heard about the earthquake was whether or not you were able to predict this one! I am glad that you are all safe and sound. Ear to the ground, buddy, so you can alert to the BIG ONE, ok? Stay safe, and remember: “The best place to be during an earthquake is a Stationary Store.” D.


  2. Good thinking, scientific brain probing is pretty scary, specially if the vietnamese do it, they use chopsticks & eat any bits that they think you mightn’t need…..


  3. Glad you are safe and sound! Mom says I have not experienced an earthquake yet. We did have a tornado warning in No. Cal and Mom made us all hide in the bathroom, all 4 dogs and her!



  4. Dennis, I also live near the mythical land of LA. And I felt that earthquake. At first I thought that maybe Roscoe was jumping on the bed, but I realized I wasn’t on the bed! Maybe you can teach me how to predict earthquakes?


  5. I thought of you the minute I heard about the earthquake. Glad it didn’t affect your area.
    Hilarious…we’ll see if you predict the next one. hehe


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