skunkalishus … oh i cant evn remembr ennymore

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog wel sumbuddy left the bak dor open last nite after dark and yoo no wot that meenz:

yes thats rite we had anuthr play dayt wth owr old frend the skunk!!!! trixie got most of it so of korse mama had to tayk her in the tub and wash off all the nice skunk kolone i reely dont understand why she is so uptite abowt the smell of rotting onyons and garlik

i just got a littel bit of skunk kolone on the top of my hed so i dont think mama wil notis besides she just gayv me a bath this morning so she wont giv me anuther wun rite????  rite????  dada????????

hey mama ware did yoo find that jiant muskrat????

ha ha no dont wurry i am just kidding thats trixie not a muskrat a muskrat wood be much happyer to be in the water than trixie is hay tucker can yoo smell skunk on me????

“Yes. You’re hosed.”

hmm i dont reely understand wot that meenz but ok hay luk trixie is coming owt of the tub now oh boy hay trixie wood yoo like to say a fyoo wurds for the camera????

“You’re next.”

oh hi mama ummmmmm yoo dont smell enny skunk on me do yoo?

oh i gess yoo do

kurse that irresistibul skunk!!!!!  but i wil do it agin the nekst time the door is left opn after dark becuz it is just so much fun ha ha ok bye

13 thoughts on “skunkalishus … oh i cant evn remembr ennymore

  1. They all look very nervous. 🙂
    We have to close the doggie door at night because Tuffy loves to go out at night and bark and Cliff just knows a raccoon will get him.


  2. An answer of sorts to Alyson:
    Take a gallon of fresh-squeezed lemon juice, including the rinds, and let it sit at room temperature for about two weeks. That’s my impression of it.


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