9 thoughts on “Tucker’s Favorite Game

  1. Awww How sweet. I see he is bringing your hand to his mouth with his paws. 🙂
    That is Tuffy’s favorite game too.


  2. 😦 I still cannot watch videos on my PC. I suppose the ninja hedgehogs have put some type of monitoring device in it that prevents my viewing! I hope they don’t do anything bad to my new blog!

    Jim says: Gosh, now I feel bad that you’re missing out on the videos! I wish I could figure out what the bad javascript is. Maybe it’s something coming from the theme I use. You can watch videos in other WordPress blogs, right?


  3. Jim, Daisy & I tried viewing your blog videos in firefox and the videos wouldn’t appear. I never tried any other videos in wordpress, but I can watch U-Tube stuff. Its weird cuz its both on my PC at work and my Laptop. I will try on my home PC tonight, just in case.


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