the wall

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog wel as yoo may hav red we all got skunkd agin eksept for tucker becuz he wuz too slow ha ha better luck nekst time tucker ennyway their ar too mane wayz for dogs to get owt of the howse heer their is the sliding door in the kitchen and the dog door in the bedroom wen it gets dark the door in the kitchen is yoozhually closed up tite but in the bedroom mama and dada like to let the air in and so they leev the skreen door open in the summer and wot we fownd owt is that if yoo run at a skreen door reely fast like for instanse if their is a skunk owtside yoo will bust thru the skreen and keep going howevr mama and dada calld this an unawthorizd dog door and they did this to stop us:

as yoo can see they hav put up a peese of plywud to let the air in but keep us dogs from going owt thru the brokn skreen but not to worry altho mama and dada ar relativly clevr they hav not kownted on my resorsfulnes and determinayshun i alreddy hav a numbr of plans in the wurks to defeet this barrier first we hav the jiant zipper!!!!!!

wunse this byooty is installd i will be abel to simply grasp the pull tab between my thum and forfinger and …….. kurse yoo lack of opposabul thums!!!!!! ok mooving on nekst we hav the pile of dy-no-mite:

this wil blow the peese of plywud rite owt of the door allowing me and tucker and trixie to romp free in the bakyard wenever we want and — wot??? oh tucker thinks that much dy-no-mite wood destroy the howse hmm wel i woodnt want that becuz i like having a playse to liv and besides mama and dada keep the liters in a hi drawr that i cant open kurse yoo hi drawrs!!!!!! ok so thats not such a gud ideea eether but this nekst plan is foolpruf it is … the dogapult:

wunse i pul the rope this powerful seej enjine wil fling me rite ovr the barrikayd and owt into the bakyard ware i will be free to play with skunks all nite long now i no this mite luk scarry but its compleetly sayf becuz as yoo can see i am waring a crash helmet wot i mayd myself out of a watermellun mama left on the counter this helmet has the added benefit of serving as a snak after i land owt in the yard becuz aftr all chaysing skunks is hard wurk ha ha ok bye

15 thoughts on “the wall

  1. Hahahaha My laugh of the day again…thank you. LOL
    That dogapult is a very extravagant contraption to get you out with the skunks. Do you want another bath? Crash helmet wot you made yourself…hehehehehehehe!
    Okay so you can leave your screen door open in late July and not pass out from heat stroke? 🙂


  2. The giant zipper looks the safest by far. The helmet, whilst stylish, would be sticky, yeah? Good luck on your endeavors, pup! Hope you won’t wind up in the lock-up like Tuffy!


  3. your humans are going to be peeved if they get up in the middle of the night for something and they bang their toe on that dogapult. also, be careful trouble doesn’t mess with the settings while you’re not looking. you might be launching yourself into the ceiling….


  4. Still laughing .. and smiling … and wondering … in keeping with the fact that the Olympic Games are coming … how about a pole vault? or perhaps a balance beam? Can we look forward to future postings? “Dennis The Vizla Goes to the Olympics?” Stay safe out there in the land of shake rattle and roll.


  5. You nutty dog you….
    I think the dogapult is probably the most fun option, not neccesarily the safest, but the most fun. I also think you need a sturdier safety hemet


  6. Dear Dennis, At tleast they didnt use a baby gate! They are just awful, you cant get through those no matter what! I don’t even think the dogapult would work, cuz they come crashing down and make you run and scream!


  7. Dennis your resoursfulness amazes me but then again you had to be very resourceful back in that canyon. As they say, necessity is the mother of all invention. Keep up the good work young man.


  8. in southern California. interested in rescuing a vizsla.

    Jim says: Thanks for stopping by, Jilly! I will forward your information to the Southern California Vizsla Rescue coordinator.


  9. Are you sure that’s dynamite, Dennis? It looks to me like the first installment of your e-mail money, in unmarked coins.


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