Overheard Around The House

Wife: “Let’s go to Costco, I want to look at pillows.”
Me: “Okay, I’ll crate Dennis.”
Wife: “No, we won’t be gone very long.”
Me: “Are you sure?”
Wife: “Yes, he’ll be good.”

Later …

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Close Encounters of the Kong Kind

The helicopter flight from Skull Island to my ultimate destination has been long and exhausting, the only rest period being a layover in Japan to drop off Young Kong in Tokyo. It turns out that my kidnappers in the black airships had no interest in Young Kong at all; they were only after the Kong of the Gods itself. And, as it turns out, me.

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a skolarly treetis on things wot need to get barkd at

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay laytly i hav ben heering roomers floting arownd that vizsla dogs such as myself and my brother tucker the other vizsla dog (hoo is also a vizsla just like me only smaller and older and spoilder ha ha) ither dont bark at all or bark at in … inaprop … at times wen we dont need to wel let me ashoor yoo that nuthing cud be further from the trooth and to demonstrayt this i present to yoo a skolarly treetis on things wot need to get barkd at

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master of my domayn

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay gess wot i just fownd owt that dada bawt me my own domayn it is http://www.dennisthevizsla.com but dont bother clicking on becuz it will just tayk yoo rite bak heer ennyway as i am shoor yoo no a domayn is a playse on the internets but wot yoo may not be aware of is that the hole domayn sistem got its naym frum a verry famus episode of the noted dokyoomentary televizhun seereez calld sinefeld wich wuz abowt a geometry professor (thats why he wuz calld “sinefeld”) and his colleegs in this partiklar episode uf wich i speek all the mane karakters got domayns and then had a contest to see hooze cud get the most traffic i dont want to spoyl it for yoo by telling yoo hoo wun but …

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I Found My Thrills On Blueberry Pill

So these days, just about every animal in the house is getting some sort of medication or other; Trixie gets her Proin and just recently finished up her antibiotics from the life-preserver incident, Trouble gets her periodic shot of enulose (or possibly rum), and Tucker gets his Soloxine plus a raft of other nostrums that my wife has collected in her ongoing, and so far unsuccessful, attempt to curtail his symptoms. All of which got me thinking about how different medicating a cat is from medicating a dog.

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they didnt evn wayt for the body to get cold

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog wel after the gofers killed and ayt my old bed and dada dismemberd it in a most goolish fashun, mama and dada brawt in the skinny misteeryus pakaj and opened it and i cud not beleev wot wuz inside:

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King Kong Part II

It has been three weeks since I was taken as a pet by the monstrous ape that rules Skull Island. Sometimes I despair of ever escaping my captivity, recovering the Giant Kong, and getting off this desolate rock; but I am Dennis the Vizsla, and I never give up.  I merely have to bide my time, and wait for the right opportunity.

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misteeryus pakajez

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wow it wuz verry nice to heer how much evrywun likes to reed abowt wot i am up to i am sorry i wuz gawn all yesterday if dada wer a normal persun hoo just yoozd gnome like evrywun else hoo runs ubuntu then i wood hav ben abel to post but no he has to tweek this and that and the other thing and install sumthing calld pekwm jeez yoo wood think he wuz yoozing gentoo or sumthing he is such a nerd ha ha

wel ennyway wile i was in … incommun … wile i wuz beeing kept off the compyooter, a kuple of verry larj and misteeryus pakajez arrivd at the howse:

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