wen tucker met pooh bear

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog wel my oddasy thru mama and dadas old pikchers continyooz with theez fotografs i fownd of wen tucker met pooh bear i hav yet to find a pikcher of tucker and trouble together tho i think that is becuz trouble is a hermit hoo reely hayts dogz dont tell ennywun but i think she may be mayking boms in her crude cardbord hut owt in the garaj ennyway heer ar the pikchers:

oh by the way theez pikchers wer evidently tayken with sum sort of majic camra that capchoors thawt balloonz becuz as ive sed before all fotos appeering on my site are compleetly orijinal and undoktord ha ha ok bye

8 thoughts on “wen tucker met pooh bear

  1. he was so smalllll. how old was he in those shots???

    Jim says: He was seven weeks old when we got him. In the first one he’s probably still under two months, and he’s certainly under three months in each. He was a tiny little thing wasn’t he? 😉


  2. So cute! Did you really capture the cat with his/her tongue out? What timing!
    I wanted to tell you that I almost spat out my breakfast when you left the following comment on my blog about the one-eyed dog named Wink:

    “At least the dog isn’t named Popeye …”

    I never know if people read follow-up comments so I tend not to make them there, so instead I’m responding to it here! The cool thing about that is it gets me over to your blog, so I can read more of your stuff!


  3. Oh it’s a person holding puppy Tucker, I thought he was in a bean bag till I read Lavender Bay’s comment then I went for another look.
    I am a Silly Billy


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