hayt mayl

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog wel the other day i wuz going thru mama and dadas mayl (oh come on yoo no yoo do it too) and i fownd this:

now i am not so gud at reeding goferish but kleerly this is wun of too things eether the gofers ar sending coded messajes to sumwun in the howse or else they are trying to intimidayt mama and dada into letting them and there rodent cokonspirators tayk ovr the yard i am not shoor wich wun it mite be so i wil hav to condukt a verry thuro inspekshun and intarogayshun of evrywun in the howse ok lets begin with tucker and trixie i no they ar kleen so its not them

oh hay luk at that mama and dada hav gotn a new kitty and isnt that nice that trouble is letting the new kitty shayr her box!!!!!!

hello kitty arnt yoo kyoot with yore littel pink bow yoo wood nevr wurk for the gofers now wood you????  of korse yoo woodnt!!!!

ok wel it luks like their ar no spies in the howse so it must be that the gofers ar trying to intimidayt mama and dada now i no that mama wil nevr crak but i am not so shoor that dada can tayk the preshur from thoze evil rodents so i had bettr go owt in the bakyard and see wot they ar up to i wil be rite bak

oh ummmmmm hmmmm that cant be gud i think i wil go bak inside now ok bye

7 thoughts on “hayt mayl

  1. Dennis, You have a traitor in your midst! You better start doing some undercover sleuthing. But be careful, I hear that gopherz are experts at mind control! We don’t want you going over to the enemy .. so tread carefully!


  2. Dennis, I wouldn’t trust that new kitty with the pink bow. check out its tail. I will bet it is a disguise!!!! Oh, and watch out for flying monkeys!!!!


  3. Whoa Dennis! Look a little closer at that new kitty. hehehe
    That is an adorable picture of sleepy but regal looking Tucker and intense Trixie. I love that little sofa/chair!
    Still laughing and amazed at your creativity!


  4. “Super Son”???
    I don’t think they want the yard, I think they want adoption, they want your Mama & Dada for their very own, that can only mean one thing….
    The ultimate Gopher conspiracy….
    Take control of the family then send the dogs to the pound!!!!
    Danger Danger!!!!
    Watch out Dennis, this is not good!!!!


  5. You DO know that “Hello Kitty” is in all the punk/emo stores, yeah? Very popular with the kids who dress in black. Watch out.


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