this is not a joke

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog wel the offurs kontinyoo to pore in and i wuz starting to think thoze african bankers dont reely hav enny munny at all to giv me but then i got this emayl and he sez kwite kleerly that this is not a joke so he must reely hav the munny rite???  rite???????

i reely hope wun of them koffs up sum doh soon becuz i am verry wurreed that the gofers ar up to sumthing big now that they ar sending me hayt mayl and hav hired a witch to do skyriting abuv the howse ok bye

4 thoughts on “this is not a joke

  1. Another get rich quick letter barged into your mailbox Dennis? They always want you to be dishonest and claim to be the next-of-kin don’t they, Dennis? 😀


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