braking and entring

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog wel evrywun thawt i wuz crazy but now i hav pruf that the gofers are trying to brake into my howse just luk at this stuf wot mama fownd!!!!

theez ar kleerly tiny crowbars that the gofers yoozd to pry open a window and get inside heer is a compozitt pikcher of the suspected perpetraytr:

note that he is kerrying both a smal crowbar and a glass kuttr so he shud be considerd armd and ekstreemly danjerus and — wot??? oh mama sez that theez things mite luk like tiny crowbars but they ar akchooaly tools for removing the tick!!!!

as yoo ar probly aware the tick is a famus superhero hoo livs in the sitty and is considerd nigh-invulnerabul with his sidekik arthur the akowntant hoo dresses as a moth he givs krime a justiss sandwich!!!!

persunally i think that this tiny littel crowbar wood be yoosless aginst a mity superhero like the tick but — wot????? oh now mama sez that the tiny crowbar is for the kind of tick that yoo find in the tall grass ok mama lets try to get owr storry strait yoo ar mayking it seem like i dont no wot i am tawking abowt!!!!!!!!!!

hmm well as yoo can see from that pikcher the tick superhero can also be fownd in the tall grass so this is verry confyoozing but ennyway i gess mama has yoozd the tiny crowbar to get ticks off of my sister trixie the longhaired mutt a kuple of times and she sez it is the eeziest way she has evr gotten a tick off much eezier then tweezers after she gets the ticks off mama seemz to tayk pervers plezhur in burning them with a small blow torch until they pop like popcorn but i gess evrywun gets there jolleez in diffrent wayz ha ha ok bye

11 thoughts on “braking and entring

  1. are those gofers still not leaving you alone!?!?! persistent, aren’t they. but what a cool thingymajigy your mama found there.

    as for the riddle? the answer is ‘no’ as in answer to the last line ‘can you guess the riddle?’. apparently, 97% of harvard graduates got this wrong. 84% of pre-school kids got it right!!!!

    Jim says: I guess adults are too analytical! This reminds me of a riddle I came up with for opening a magic door when I was Dungeon Master for a D&D game. It started with “The answer is clear” and then went on to ask a bunch of inscrutable questions, and ended with “What is the answer?” The players didn’t get it and were really irritated when, after the dungeon was finished, I told them that all they had to say was “clear” and the door would have opened … 😉


  2. 😛 Yeah how about mama making it seem like you don’t know what you’re talking about! 😉

    The box says “high tech” but is sure doesn’t look high tech.


  3. Your gophers are as tricky as ours. We have one in the garden now we can’t seem to get rid of. I’m going to keep trying, though. I saw your link over at Molly and Shadow’s blog, so I came over to say hi.

    Dennis says: hello karen jo its dennis the vizsla dog yore gofer is probly part of the saym wurldwide rodent konspirasy as owrs!!!!! ok bye


  4. Ticks: one of the few creatures I would help only as far as the nearest incinerator. Yuckies! Nifty crowbar thingies, though.


  5. A tick crowbar! How cool! Mom never had luck with tweezers so she always pulls them off with her fingers, but thinks this would be much better.

    The Tick is so funny! Mom has an action figure and a tote bag with his picture on them.


    Dennis says: yay rustys mom!!!! evry penny spent on tick merchendice goes toward supporting him and arther the moth as they hang ten for justiss!!!! ok bye


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