9 thoughts on “Meanwhile, Somewhere In The Mojave Desert …

  1. Dennis I sees that yer paws are free so you might try to get the sticky thang off yer mouth. It mite hurt a little bit but it is important to get yer mouth open so you can hold a toy like a ball or something. Also I lives near a train track so I am an expert on trains and let me tell you that they are very noisy so you mite acktually want to put the sticky thang over yer ears insted so it wont be so noisy. Yep good luck!


  2. dennis we hear you! (barking in the background) we are on are on the way! (sounds of dogs running and panting heavily) dont despair dennis!


  3. A new role for Snidely, a hero! Hope he can handle it. Who saves Trixie, Rocket J. Squirrel?

    Jim says: Now, if I told, it would spoil the surprise! 😉


  4. hehe you reminds my momma of Penelope Pitstop, momma is just waitn’ for the little policemen hangin’ out the cars 🙂
    I do hopesz that someone hurrys and rescues you!


  5. Wait! I hear someone in the distance. What’s that?

    Timmy: What’s that Lassie? Someone put a rug on the train tracks?
    Lassie: Woof! Woof!
    Timmy: Should we go and check it out?
    Lassie: Woof! Woof!
    Timmy: Look! It looks to be your friend Dennis the Vizla in that rug! I wonder how that happened!
    Lassie: wrubbble! wrubble!
    Timmy: You think Trouble did this? Oh my! Run Lassie, get help! Get Mr. Jim while I try to untie Dennis! Hurry!
    Lassie: Woof! Woof!
    Timmy: Be still Dennis, quit wriggling around, I can’t untie you if you don’t sit still. SIT STILL I say, or I’ll just leave you here! What? What’s that? Who do I hear?
    Jim: Oh, Dennis! I’m here to rescue you!

    (sorry .. couldn’t resist! … with full apologies to Lassie and Timmy)


  6. Hey is that Snidely Whiplash? I caught him last week tying a goat to the tracks just as an errant trolley came bearing down on them!

    Dennis says: hello nanny goats yes that is snidely whiplash he forgot his rope so he untied me so he cud borro the rope trouble yoozd on me i dont no wot he wuz planning to yooz it for i didnt see enny goats with him just a nice lady naymd nell ok bye


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