11 thoughts on “Meanwhile, Somewhere On The Ocean …

  1. Awww… the photos were cut off on the computer I’m using. Think the monitor resolution is set too high. I couldn’t read all of what Jack is saying…


  2. oh dear! roscoe and i are getting very worried! poor tucker are you ok? i hope you are not getting seasick, and i hope you like pirates!


  3. Hey, is that Newfoundland under the full moon?

    Jim says: It might be — I’m pretty sure the driver of that boat has no idea how to get to Japan, since they ended up in the Caribbean!


  4. Wish I had your imagination. I’d be writing my 10th novel by now!

    Jim says: Well, lately I seem to be spending more time writing crazy Dennis stories than editing my latest book, but that’s okay — I like the immediate feedback, and because there aren’t any production costs, I probably come out ahead financially this way! 😉


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