i didnt do it

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog wel last nite wen mama and dada came home from the fred astaire stoodyo dada brawt in this shoe:

at first i thawt maybe dada goes to fred astaire and dresses up like mama but no it terns owt this is a farely reglar mens lattin shoo that yoo wood ware wen dooing danses from the mithical land of latin america like the samba the chacha and the rumba however i herd mama and dada tawking and dada sed he is having a shoo emerjensy evedently the heel part of the shoo is not suppozed to rotayt arownd like this:

and it most sertinly is not suppozed to pop rite off like that:

so today dada has to try to get his shoo fiksd or replaysd becuz tomorro he and mama ar suppozd to perform a chacha at the big fred astaire party at the stoodyo dada sez he can do the chacha in his smooth shoos if he has to but he duznt reely want to i am not shoor wot mayks them smooth shoos they luk pretty bumpy to me

ennyway i hav an aretite alibi i wuz lokd in the krate at home wile all this wuz going on so i had nuthing to do with this shoo damaj in fakt how do we no it wuznt dada destroying mamas shoos all along????? now we see ware the finger of blaym shood poynt!!!!!

ok bye

12 thoughts on “i didnt do it

  1. Dennis – You are blameless on this one, I just know it! I think Trouble sabotaged the shoe to make it look like you did it. That hussy has no shame. Be careful, Dennis. She’s working against you, you must be ever vigilant!


  2. dennis, maybe your dadda is very nervous about this chachacha performance and got up in the middle of the night in his sleep and accidently broke the shoe? or maybe your dadda practiced so much that he wore out his shoe? maybe your dadda needs new shoes?

    Dennis says: hmm i think that if it wuz becuz dada is nervus then he wood hav broken his smooth shooz becuz thoze are the wuns that he warez for veeeneez walts and they are dooing that too and they ar much bettr at chacha then at veeeneez walts ha ha ok bye


  3. I’ll help S. Le. with the bond. I forgot to mention earlier…Dennis, while you were gone, Trouble changed the name of YOUR blog. I see you have it back to the original name!


  4. I thought you didn’t need to be crated any more. How did you fall from grace?

    Dennis says: ummm their may hav ben an insident with the replaysment cushon for the chase lounj and with the down comferter on the bed but its all sirkumstanshul evidense i tel yoo!!!! ok bye


  5. Why is your dada smiling in the crate?

    Dennis says: im not shoor i think he must wun of those straynj peepel hoo enjoy prizzin life ok bye


  6. Of course you didn’t do it Dennis! You are still recovering from your tramatic dognapping and near death experience! If your dada didn’t break it from all that dancing then I’m sure Trouble did it. I told you to watch out for him!



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