i cud do that if i didnt hav two left feet

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog wel it apeerz that mama and dada hav survivd both the veeenez waltz and the chacha at the fred astaire stoodyo i fownd this on there camra after they got home and i figgerd that since dada is always posting emberasing viddyos of me i wood post a kuple of them here goes

this is the socalld veeeneez waltz altho i dont see enny of those littel sawsajes in it so i dont think its reely frum vienna at all:

this is a chacha that just goze on and on and on until sumbuddy turns off the myoozik:

i dont no i supoze this sort of thing is ok for peepul but i wood rather play a gud gaym of fetch ha ha ok bye

15 thoughts on “i cud do that if i didnt hav two left feet

  1. The videos wouldn’t play very well for me, but I think that’s probably more due to my computer than your videos. I have seen that kind of dancing before. I think a game of fetch would be lots more fun for you, Dennis.


  2. Your momma and dadda looked like liquid mercury in the first video, that’s what momma says.
    Dennis fetch is very fun but could be also dancin’ with your momma.
    I mean when my momma gets in her moods and dances around the house,, I gotta dance wit her, so someone else has to do the same 😛


  3. wow! dennis….they’re very good dancers. please ask them for me, did everyone’s clapping make it hard to keep to the music. and tell your mom the dress and shoes look great. really pretty shoes, i thought!

    Jim says: No, they had the music playing pretty loud (the microphone in the camera didn’t pick it up very well) so it was easy to hear over the clapping. My wife tells me she’s usually too nervous to hear the music when we do freestyles, but this time she heard it. I guess that’s a good thing!


  4. YAY!!! I was hoping to see video! That was beautiful and looks like so much fun. You are both so good! Jim, your wife is gorgeous!


  5. Your momma and dadda are very good dancers! we noticed that your dadda had his shoes on, did you fix them for him Dennis?

    Dennis says: yes i tuk them to the shoomaykr and had them fixd wile dada was asleep wen he woke up he thawt elvs had dun it he is so silly!!!! ok bye


  6. Dennis you are right fetch is way more fun. My Daddy did this dance thang with Mummy one time and they wuz laughing and dancing in the living room and gosh I had to break it up or they wud have forgetted to play fetch with me. I sez watch your Mummy and Daddy and break it up if they gets too involved with each other cause you gotta get their atenshun right back where it belongs which is on you of course.


  7. Bravo! Brava! Encore!

    My son (26) has told me that he has started merengue lessons. I wonder if he’ll eventually graduate to cha-cha. I’ve never seen it danced as complexly as what your mama and dadda were doing!


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