just call me linus

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog well ever sinse i got tied to the raylrode traks last week i hav ben feeling a littel insekyoor but fortchoonatly i hav fownd the solution:

this is my sekyoority blanket this is a device wot was developd by the famus filosofr linus van pelt and shud not be confyoozd with the towel wot is yoozd by owter spayse hitchhikerz becuz altho there yooses overlap the blanket is not so gud for drying off after a swim howevr it is gud for sleeping under and can also be yoozd as a whip or hedgeer or a krismas tree stand i hily rekomend it for all yore sekyoority needs ok bye

10 thoughts on “just call me linus

  1. Dennis, I have one of those too .. its in the bathtub .. so when it thunders I can go in the tub and hide under the blanket. That is a very good thing. Your friend, Clover.

    Dennis, Blanket-planket-schmanket .. you guys need to toughen up. Chillin’ Cosmo.


  2. i also have a security blanket, actually I have several as I they tend to fall apart alot so mom has to replace them! they should make these blankets more sturdy. Mom thinks I shred them, but actually it is just substandard blankee producers who are the problemo!


  3. I tried taking my blankie to Library but kept tripping over it. Then I would drop books, spill coffee, and generally look the fool. Glad it works out for you though….

    Dennis says: hello s. le its dennis the vizsla dog i find it helps if yoo kerry the blanket in yore mowth thus leeving yore paws free for other important things ok bye


  4. Hi Dennis I have a security ball it is not as soft as yer blanket but I thinks it is more funner. Although maybes yer blanket is more funner but I havent never tried to play fetch with a blanket. One times I tried to play tough tumble with my blanket but my Mummy sed no no Dozer blanket is fer sleepings not playings. Yer Mummy and Daddy must be nicer about that, yep.


  5. I see you and Tucker and Trixie still aren’t completely recovered from your spaceship/pirate ship/railroad hand-pump section car lag.


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