urjent respond

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog wel as yoo no so far nun of my bizness ventchers with the african bankerz hav wurked owt however this wun will be diffrent and i am shoor of this becuz the emayl wuz sent to me by a vizsla!!!

as yoo can see this vizsla is just abowt as bad as me with the speling and the punkchooashun and the paragrafs that is how i no it is reely from a vizsla altho hmm it is all in caps like trouble likes to rite i hope its not another wun of her skeemz!!!! wel ennyway if this pans owt i shood not only get rich kwik but also perhaps akwire sum new stuffeez we will see ok bye

10 thoughts on “urjent respond

  1. Dennis! I hav take the internets from the kittys! This is woofie Jake and I am not a red dog like yous. I is a black and white one. I hav to go now Molly has the claw of doom out and it HURTEDS real bad.


  2. no matter how you spell, i can hear you loud and clear. you just keep writing and i’ll keep reading, how’s that?!

    Dennis says: yoo hav a deel!!!! ok bye


  3. Dennis, it’s another scam! Eric or Isaac or whoever he is has made the error of telling you the money is in a dormant account. This means you have to kiss a princess to wake it up! And since you can’t pucker, you’re just going to have to kiss this money goodbye. 😦


  4. Dennis! Repeat after me: “I will not send them any of my toys.” Good boy! Now, “I will not send them Trouble’s toys either.”

    Your toys are precious. If you save them, you might have enough to see you through your old dawg days.


  5. Dennis, I thought everyone knew how to spell confidenshul! You’d think people from a bank would know better. I hope you get some new stuffies!



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