dada is tayking his compyooter apart agin

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog wel dada is dooing sumthing with a noo compyooter wot he got from a store neerby calld geeks dot com tucker sez it is an “upgrayd” and that dada duz this frum time to time and he hasnt dun it in fore or five yeerz i am not shoor wot an “upgrayd” is eksept that evidently it meenz i mite be slow with the posting and commenting for a littel wile persunaly i think it is verry rood of dada to skedjool an upgrayd withowt diskusing it with me first but yoo no how hyoomans ar they think it is all abowt them ha ha ok bye

11 Comments on “dada is tayking his compyooter apart agin

  1. hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog agin wel that wasnt so bad the noo compyooter is set up and dada is copying his files to it now he just has to pik up all the peeses of the old compyooter off the floor and — hay dada!!! why are yoo going to bed?!?!? get bak heer and kleen up this mess!!!!

    well wunse agin we see hoo is reely responsible for all the destrukshun arownd heer hint its not me ok bye


  2. hey dennis. here’s something you need to know. boys, and your dada is one of them, like to do these things every now and again. us girls and you dogs must just be patient when it happens. ’cause generally when they do that, something that was working is suddenly broke, or they need an extra this or that, but i think it’s just boys playing around heee heee heee


  3. *whew* I was goin to say no internets? That would stink. I fink we all would go crazy in this house without it. Did the bean finally clean up his mess? Personally woofies do tend to make more messes then us kittys anyway …. just sayin … haha


  4. So glad dada got it fixed quick Dennis. It would be hard for me to miss a day without your humor.


  5. I understand about taking breaks and upgrades, I sometimes take a break from bloggin too. But mom is very distressed aboutthis, she sez she is going to really really miss reading daily since she is so bored sitting around the house in a cast. maybe she should take more naps like me!


  6. Hey Dennis,

    Your dad only does one computer….at work our geniuses bring down the entire company during working hours because none of them want to stay late and do it after everyone leaves :O(


  7. Wow! An upgrade! I’m glad your dada got it done. You have that much more power for your adventures! Has he finished cleaning up the old one yet?


    Dennis says: wel he put the old wun bak in its kayse and put the kayse in the garaj, but he kept owt the old hard drive i gess he is desiding wether or not to put the old hard drive in his noo compyooter for mor storadj but the old hard drive is “small” only two hunnerd gigs wotever gigs ar and ennyway he orderd sumthing calld the drobo that i gess is for drives owtside the compyooter it is starting to luk like the bridj of the enterprize in heer ha ha ok bye


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