misteeryus pakajez

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wow it wuz verry nice to heer how much evrywun likes to reed abowt wot i am up to i am sorry i wuz gawn all yesterday if dada wer a normal persun hoo just yoozd gnome like evrywun else hoo runs ubuntu then i wood hav ben abel to post but no he has to tweek this and that and the other thing and install sumthing calld pekwm jeez yoo wood think he wuz yoozing gentoo or sumthing he is such a nerd ha ha

wel ennyway wile i was in … incommun … wile i wuz beeing kept off the compyooter, a kuple of verry larj and misteeryus pakajez arrivd at the howse:

i hav no ideea wot is in them becuz they ar seeld with plastic straps and i dont no how to operayt them howevr i can see that wun of them is mayd in the mithical land of cananda ware my gud frend lavenderbay livs hay lavenderbay do yoo no wots in that boks?????

i hav my own theereez of korse heer ar a fyoo of them:

theery #1 is that the box contayns a ninja hedjhog attempting to infiltrayt owr howse howevr if this were the cayse i think he wood hav alreddy cut himself free and started reeking havoc so thats probly not it

theery #2 is that the box is full of vizsla puppeez to be my noo brothers and sisters however their is not neerly enuf whining and barking coming from inside it so this is probly not it eether

theery #3 is that the box is full of yummy stayks!!!! however this cant possibly be troo becuz if it wer then tucker wood alreddy be —

tucker!!!! get owt of the imajinerry stayks!!!!!

ok so we hav eliminaytd all theez other crazy impossibul theereez so that meenz as the faymus filosofer surelock homes sed wot is left must be the trooth and so that must meen that those african bankerz hav finaly come throo with the munny theyve been promissing me for all these munths now!!!!

i wish mama and dada wood hurry up and open the boks so i can start spending my loot i hav menny importent things to buy like toys and kibble and mor toys and a new flux capasitor and stil mor toys!!!!! oooh i can hardly wayt ok bye

16 thoughts on “misteeryus pakajez

  1. Hilarious as yoosual. Dennis, I have known some people who know how to build computers and they are always smart and are nerds…but in the good way! Ok bye.


  2. Hi Dennis,
    As a resident of Cananda (sigh) , I would suggest that it’s neither the hedgehog nor the money. Hedgehogs don’t live in Canada. Possums, however, have come north from your country, so it could ostensibly be a Ninja Possum. I doubt it’s the African Bankers’ money, because Africa is not in Canada.
    My bet is on the steaks, only hopefully they’ve been made into jerky or dried to powdery goodness. Please don’t miss the braided rug in my Saturday post — if you’re lucky, it’ll be one of those.


  3. Omigosh I bet it is prolly a giant box of Kong balls! Youre the luckiest dawg in the world Dennis. You wont need all of them Im sure so I will trade you something nice fer one. Ive got this fancy new Pink Toy that Ive only ripped one arm off so fars and all the stuffing is still insides it and the squeaky part still works sort of and everythang. Oh wait Mummy is frowning at me and saying sumthing about the money she spends on my toys um nebber mind sorry. Gosh Dennis yer so lucky tho to get a box full of Kong balls.


  4. I love my fit! It’s fun to drive, but great on gas. As for 3 dogs. I had me plus 4 6′ + 200lbs guys in the car! Plus, the seats all fold down in such a way that you could essentially make the back one big dog pen. I would suggest taking it for a test drive. The interior seems shockingly roomy!


  5. i hope it is one of the following:
    your own agility equipment
    a wooden dance floor for your mama and dada
    a bunch of your dada’s books to be signed for sale

    i hope it’s NOT the time machine trouble ordered…



  6. OH!!!!! I think Dozer might be right!!!! if he is, perhaps, since you will have more kong balls than you could possibly play with at one time, and I am sure Trixie, Tucker and Trouble don’t like Kong balls, you might consider sharing with Dozer an I, the white pit bulls who read your blog everyday and love you, and it, and kong BALLS!!! Pretty please….

    p and s rememebr we helped organize a search to find you when Trouble the very bad kitty kidnapped you. no pressure though.


  7. Hmmmmm…..looks mysteriously like a home theatre system. Maybe you are only wanting to watch Canandian Content?

    Dennis says: hmm im not shoor if i can watch The Beachcombers all day long but i wil giv it a shot ok bye


  8. haha OMG omma just went all squeely and wanted to lay down in the box of vizsla puppeez, she likes lots of slurpy kissies and warm bodies.
    We iz interested in your box! Momma hatez mysteries and thought she wuld be smart and look at Cal King on your box, but “ba buuung” all that camez up were beds.. hehe can’t be a bed!
    You should not wait for your dadda to open in Dennis! you has string teefs!;)


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