King Kong Part II

It has been three weeks since I was taken as a pet by the monstrous ape that rules Skull Island. Sometimes I despair of ever escaping my captivity, recovering the Giant Kong, and getting off this desolate rock; but I am Dennis the Vizsla, and I never give up.  I merely have to bide my time, and wait for the right opportunity.

Spending all my time in King Kong’s cave, I soon lose track of time. Only by scratching lines on the wall can I tell what day it is and how long my imprisonment has lasted. It is by this crude calendar that I know I have been here for nearly a month when, to my immense surprise, King Kong announces that he is leaving Skull Island to perform in a play on Broadway. My initial exhilaration at impending freedom is dashed when I am further informed that I will be staying behind, and that King Kong’s adolescent brother will be looking after me instead.

Unfortunately, Young Kong is full of the impetuousness of youth.  As soon as he takes possession of King Kong’s cavern, things begin to change.  First, he challenges me to a belching contest, which I cannot hope to win.

After thus humiliating me, Young Kong, displaying a surprising degree of ingenuity, adapts the Giant Kong for some use that I do not fully understand, but which appears to give him what he refers to as “the munchies”.

He then drags me along on a sushi run.  This being Skull Island, there are no actual sushi restaurants, but Young Kong doesn’t let that stop him.

Watching Young Kong transform a giant octopus into sashimi is disturbing enough, but the night’s horrors have only just begun.  Later, Young Kong brings me along to a local monster nightclub, where I am forced to watch him do the hustle with a never-ending parade of enormous, grotesque, and scantily-clad creatures.

Then, disaster strikes. A mysterious swarm of black helicopters appears overhead, conducting a raid on the nightclub. The beasts scatter into the darkness, but Young Kong is captured and bound in preparation for being carried away. Still, he manages to keep hold of the Giant Kong. If I do not want to lose track of it forever, there is only one thing I can do; and as he is lifted into the air, I grab hold and go along for the ride.

I have no idea where these mysterious commandos are taking us or what they want with Young Kong.  I can only hope that once we reach our destination, I will find someone I can reason with, someone who will understand the scientific value of the Giant Kong and, perhaps, permit me to take it back to the archeology department for study.  Because I am Dennis the Vizsla, and I never give up.

12 thoughts on “King Kong Part II

  1. I knew all that bad spelling was just an act. Your true identity is safe with us, Dennis the Vizsla.

    Dennis says: hello aged cat its dennis the vizsla dog wel see wen i send my feeld dispatches to the arkeeology department the department secretery “kleenz them up” (so she sez) befor publishing them persunaly i think that just mayks them harder to understand but yoo no how yooniversiteez ar its all politiks ha ha ok bye


  2. Dennis come play! The kittys do not like me and threaten me with the claw of doom. Does Trouble Kitty do that to you?

    And Oh yea, I thought Kong was a toy, cuz thats what the mom and dad call my chewy toy. I did not know that it was a big hairy creature.


  3. I don’t understand mom! She is laughing and I’m scared for you Dennis! Hang on tight there buddy! Good luck with Young Kong and getting the giant kong back! Hope those baloons hold out!

    If you have time, come join my Squirrel Patrol. You seem to be doing a lot of traveling and can keep a good look out for us!



  4. Dennis, you are very brave! I hope you discover of the meaning of the giant Kong, cuz you sure are getting into some precarious positions!


  5. My husband is very proud that he can pronounce Godzilla the “correct” (Japanese) way… It’s one of the few Japanese words he knows. Every once in a while he suddenly shouts “Gojira!! Raaaaa!!!” For some reason Dozer runs and grabs his big Kong ball when this happens.


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