attak of the big boks

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog wel now mama and dada hav coverd the bed skeleton with a sheet and they hav draggd in the other misteeryus pakaj:

it turns owt that the big boks isnt stuffd with vizsla puppeez or stayks or munny or ninja hedjhogs insted it is stuffd with sumthing rapt up in plastik

mama and dada dumpd the plastik rapt thing owt on the bed skeleton and oh my gosh this is horribul it is sum sort of california king size matress karkass all folded up and bownd in a plastik bag this can only be the wurk of sum sort of demented matress seeryal killr!!!!!

but wayt now mama and dada hav cut open the plastik and the matress karkass has come bak to life and unfolded itself onto the skeleton!

aieeeeeeee it is a zombee matress bed monster!!!!!! run for yore life!!!!!

10 thoughts on “attak of the big boks

  1. hahahahahas that is so very funny, me and momma looked up the name on the boks real quick yesterday coz momma can’t stand mysteries and it said a bedding company, yet we thought nah, can’t be, the boks is too small and left it at that…
    Holey mack moley how the %^* did the fold a mattress?!?!??! haha iz funny now momma will have another mystery 😛


  2. Does sound a bit like a nightmare! Your Da could write up a screen play and make it into a made for TV movie of the week! Don’t be too frightened. After they smother the undead bed with bedding, it will be nice to lay on.


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