hay thats my bed!!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog i am not shoor wot is going on heer but i walked into the bedroom and luk what i saw:

kleerly a band of marawding gofers broke into the howse and ate all the soft yummy parts of the bed leeving nuthing behind but the bonez but ware ar the gofers now??? wot ar they going to eet next??? i wil keep you all apprized of this developing sitchooayshun ok bye

8 thoughts on “hay thats my bed!!!!

  1. Wow… I would definitely look for the culprit if that ever happened to me and do the same to their comfort sleeping zone! On the other hand, You’ve had too much texting mate! As OUTBACK card says Too mch txting meks u bad spelr!


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