rekwiem for a bed

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog wel mama and dada ar tayking apart the skeleton of the bed wot the gofers ate

i am pretty shoor the beds wil calld for it to be kremayted but insted they ar just dumping its parts in the garadj in violayshun of its wishes

wel i gess we wil all be sleeping on the floor from now on as if we wer regular dogs like my sister trixie this is a sad sad day indeed ok bye

5 thoughts on “rekwiem for a bed

  1. Wait wait wait jes one second here… Is you saying that you sleeps on a peoples bed like Mummy and Daddy?? I have to work reely hard to get up on the bed just fer a little bit but Im not allowed to sleep up there. Omigosh you is a lucky dawg Dennis. Well mebbe not so lucky now that yer bed is gone…

    Dennis says: hello dozer yes mama and tucker sleep in the people bed and i sleep their too for part of the nite yoozhually and oh yeah sumtimes dada manadjes to find enuf room up their for himself too ha ha ok bye


  2. dennis, you is very lucky! like dozer I only get to sleep in the pepople bed when mom is not there or early in themorning when she is to tired to make me go to my bedbed!


  3. Sleeping on the floor????
    Surely you jest!!!
    you could get cat germs from sleeping on the floor….
    Maybe your Dad & Mum would let you & Tucker sleep in the car each night & even leave the engine running so the heater will keep you’s warm.


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