they didnt evn wayt for the body to get cold

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog wel after the gofers killed and ayt my old bed and dada dismemberd it in a most goolish fashun, mama and dada brawt in the skinny misteeryus pakaj and opened it and i cud not beleev wot wuz inside:

yes thats rite it contaynd anuther bed skeleton!!!! evidently mama and dada ar now trafficking in the bonez of ded bedz!!!! oh shoor this seems like eksactly the sort of thing that dada wood be miksd up in but i cant beleev that mama wood get involvd in such nefareeus aktiviteez wel ennyway dada tuk owt all the bed skeleton parts from the boks and put them together on the floor like this:

and then he got owt his majik skroodrivr thingie and skrood them all together and stuk legs on them like this:

i hav no ideea wot is going on heer maybe mama and dada ar going to open a bed muzeum like in thoze other muzeums ware they hav assembeld the fayk bonez of mithical dinosawrs if so i hope they let me be a docent ha ha ok bye

8 thoughts on “they didnt evn wayt for the body to get cold

  1. Dennis, Its not a skeleton! Its a rib cook off! Your dadda will get the bbq going any minute, brontosarus bones, like fred and barney ate!


  2. You’re a trusting soul, Dennis. I would’ve worried that the four pieces would get stood on their edges and made into a new crate!


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