master of my domayn

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay gess wot i just fownd owt that dada bawt me my own domayn it is but dont bother clicking on becuz it will just tayk yoo rite bak heer ennyway as i am shoor yoo no a domayn is a playse on the internets but wot yoo may not be aware of is that the hole domayn sistem got its naym frum a verry famus episode of the noted dokyoomentary televizhun seereez calld sinefeld wich wuz abowt a geometry professor (thats why he wuz calld “sinefeld”) and his colleegs in this partiklar episode uf wich i speek all the mane karakters got domayns and then had a contest to see hooze cud get the most traffic i dont want to spoyl it for yoo by telling yoo hoo wun but …

… his naym rimes with “gorge cantstandja”

this duznt meen that my diry of destrukshun is going to be mooving ennyware but if it ever duz then yoo wil alwayz be able to find it at altho if it duz moov yoo wil hav to updayt yore feed if yoo subscribe to it mmmmmmmm feed

well ennyway i dont no eksaktly why dada has givn me my own domayn naym but i hav it on gud awthority that wunse yoo hav a domayn yoo awtomatikly git rich so i am ekspekting the cash to start rolling in enny sekund now i wil be so happy not to hav to wait on those african bankers ennymore becuz they seem to be verry unreliabul ha ha ok bye

13 thoughts on “master of my domayn

  1. Congrats Dennis! Ok you know I had to click on it and come right back here. The temptation was too great. I loved Seinfeld and all the characters, especially George. They always made me LOL like your diary does!


  2. Dennis, YOUR dog came to MY post and wrote the best answer in my comments section that I have ever read. Short and to the point. Out of a 1 to 9, I give him 10 doggie biscuits.


  3. You know, Dennis, that Lavenderbay’s puppy has been sending messages to warn us about the African bankers, in the only way he knows how! Perhaps it’s easier for him, because he hasn’t learned to type as well as you yet.


  4. Congratulations on being the Master of your own Domayn!! Wow you have been busy. I hope all came out ok with the bed skeletons and zombie mattress! How scary to have that in your house!!



  5. I couldn’t help it I had to click on it.
    You wouldn’t guess what happened.
    I ended up back here at your domain.
    Isn’t technology amazing 🙂


  6. Oh dear, and here I’d thought my puppy had composed a valentine, when all the while he’s a budding hyoomenny– all-true-y– do-gooder.
    I thought a domain was a bunch of numbers like innijers or rationales, with the cattle kept on the range between those fancypants brackets.

    Dennis says: hmm i think yoo hav ben watching too much “sinefeld” ha ha ok bye


  7. you’ve got one cool dad there. good luck with the $’s rolling in. tell me if it works won’t you, ’cause my african bankers cheques seem to be lost in the mail or something…


  8. I would love to be master of something. I haven’t even mastered the English language and it is my first, foremost, (and practically speaking,) only language. Congrats to you.


  9. Hahaha! I is Jake! I made MOM click on your domain name. I is confused a bit. It only brought me back to the page not this entry. Oh well, I founded the entry again. Wanna Play? OHBOYOHBOYOHBOYOHBOYOHBOYOHBOYOHBOYOHBOY!


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