Overheard Around The House

Wife: “Let’s go to Costco, I want to look at pillows.”
Me: “Okay, I’ll crate Dennis.”
Wife: “No, we won’t be gone very long.”
Me: “Are you sure?”
Wife: “Yes, he’ll be good.”

Later …

Wife: “Dennis, I told Dada you would be good!”
Dennis: “I don’t remember signing anything.”

27 thoughts on “Overheard Around The House

  1. hope you got new pillows.

    i just left my 20 week puppy out of her crate for 5 minutes for the first time. got back and found….your post.
    my house is fine!


  2. Ooooooooooo that’s what you do when the parents are gone? I just poop on the floor, that seems to make them say werds on the bad werd list!


  3. Hmm that looks vaguely familiar. I think we have had exploding pillows in our house too! Yuo better tell your momma not to buy the exploding ones anymore, cuz they make a big mess!


  4. Woah!!!!!!!!!! Is that what woofies can REALLY do?!?!?
    Dennis!!!! You iz soooooo bad for letting your momma down like that, (hey remember who feeds you dude!) 😛 hehe


  5. OMG!! Is it a full moon or is something else weird going on with all of the world (animals included) today?!?!

    Dennis, methinks you made a BIIIIGGGGGG mistake!


  6. ..and BTW this is where you use the rolled up newspaper.

    Roll it up very tightly and then…..

    Hit yourself in the head saying BAD DADDY!!! BAD BAD DADDY!!!! 🙂


  7. Wow! I think that is the worse thing he has done. 😀
    hehe Sorry, I know it isn’t funny to you but…oh my!!!

    Jim says: We rate this as the biggest mess he’s made, but dollarwise, the destruction of the chaise lounge and the vertical blinds in the living room still rank far ahead. 😉


  8. Ha ha Dennis that looks like so much fun times. Anyways you WERE good you didnt chew up nothing except that thang that wuz obviously a toy cause it shredded just like a toy. Sumtimes if you dont know if sumthang is a toy you have to test it out and see.


  9. Oh whoopsies Dennis, but you were just making sure the old pillows were dead, now weren’t you boy. Psst message to Dada: Don’t tell Dennis when you are going to buy new china or glassware. Same doggie logic may apply. 🙂


  10. Dennis – you naughty boy! I am not going to let Toby The Toddler see this post – it will just give him silly ideas. He already does this to all his soft toys – do not want him to get the wrong idea and think this is funny 🙂

    Just when you were about to get shot of his crate…..


  11. Dennis, Man you are in trouble with this one I know because I too have destroyed pillows and made a mess that looked a lot like that one too boy oh boy I bet you had fun!!! Clover

    Denny, Woohoo! That sure is a mess. Not helpin you clean it up, though. Cosmo


  12. ROFLMAO! Dennis – Mom can’t stop laughing. At least it wasn’t the chase lounge. We know that was really expensive. We suppose making sure the pillows were dead while Mom was out buying new ones is a fair excuse but little man that will earn you more crate time.


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