how to defeet a soopervillin

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog wel it terns owt that the rayn and thunder yesterday wuz a gud thing becuz not only duz rayn mayk the plants grow but also trouble the kitty duznt like to get wet so as soon as it started to rayn she ran off to her cat cup and abandond her army of hypnotizd ninja hedjhogs and then wunse she wuz in her cat cup dada swoopd in and nowing her secret vulnerability he compleetly disabeld her:

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i thawt it nevr rayns in suthern california?!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay yoo may hav herd a song wot sez it nevr rayns in suthern california wel i hav pruf that this song is not troo becuz luk wot is going on owtside rite now at this verry moment!!!!

i wil of korse be sooing albert hammond for fals advertizing wunse i deel with this ninja hedjhog problem ha ha ok bye

the golden paw!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay gess wot my noo frends the texas sun dogs hav dun sumthing noo its a buffay style award ware yoo get to chuze the wun yoo want so i pikd the golden paw award to reflekt the viktry of the skwirrel patrol and the doghowse of justiss over the ninja hedjhog army!!!!

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why wood i want to bring it to dada???

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog wel as yoo no i hav a wide variety of flying toyz howevr sumtimes i like to play fetch with things that are not striktly speeking flying toyz my current favrit being my jiant snayk

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The Final Frontier

With the trouble with taters resolved, the Enterprise has been making good time toward the distant space station that sits at the edge of a dangerous wormhole. Now that we are out of danger, the crew has begun to relax, even though we are approaching the outer limits of explored space. I hope that this is not the wrong time for us to let down our guard, here at the final frontier.

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i kick sum wurd wot i hav nevr herd before

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay luk at the nice award wot i got from my gud frend nevis at manicdote!!!!!

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deerest wun confidenshul

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog wel i hav herd that the ninja hedjhog army is closing in having erlier stoppd in the mowntin town of julian for pie on there way frum the desert it is going to tayk a lot of effort and munny to bild up owr defenses at the doghowse of justiss and so i hav wunse agin turnd to my frends the afrikan bankers in the hope of gitting sum ekstra funding for the skwirrel patrol

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a skolarly treetis on how bunneez mite be eeting yore froot treez

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog wel as yoo may no a wile bak dada and his frend planted sum froot treez on the hill behind their howses the idea beeing that in a fyoo yeerz the treez wood produse froot and then we cud eet it now yoo may be thinking to yoreself that this is a reedikyulus consept becuz evrywun nos that froot comes from the soopermarkit howevr dada insists that it akchooally grows on trees just like munny and spaghetti dada is so silly sumtimes!!!!

wel ennyway it turns owt that the bunnies on the hillside hav ben eeting the leeves and tender shoots off the socalled froot treez and sumhow they hav manajd to eet leeves that are much too hi off the grownd for them to reech yoozing normal meenz like stretching and yet it is well nown that bunneez cannot climb treez so theirfore with my keen observayshuns and uncanny deduktiv abiliteez i hav compiled this skolarly treetis on how they mite be eeting dadas froot trees and by ekstenshun yore own froot treez shud yoo be delooded enuf to hav them

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it luks like a ladder but we cant clime it

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog wel owr new naybors nekst door hav a littel scotty dog or shnowzer or wotever yoo call it this dog likes to come and stand on the other side of owr fense and bark and wuf and then that mayks trixie and me bark and wuf too we are just tawking to the naybor dog abowt the wether and wotnot but having the fense in the way mayks it difficult to tawk properly now if only we cud figger owt how to climb theez ladders and git to the other side we cud hav a proper conversayshun with the naybor dog and possibly hav a nice party with tee and dog biskits

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The Trouble with Taters

After our apocalyptic battle with Captain Sweet Tater and the Space Spud, things have begun to return to normal aboard the Enterprise. Everyone still mourns Mr. Spock, but our new crew member Mr. Spud has assumed Spock’s duties and continues to impress everyone with his racquetball prowess. Most of the equipment that was damaged during the fight with the Space Spud has been replaced.

I have begun to dream of being returned to earth soon to resume my duties at the department of archeology, investigating lost civilizations and finding lost kongs. But then, mysterious things begin happening aboard the Enterprise — mysterious, and disturbing.

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most boring viddyo ever

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog wel as i reveeld yesturday i hav reesently bekum a sooperhero howevr on akkownt of my secret identity as dennis the vizsla dog (shhhhh dont tell ennywun!!!!) i stil hav to spend a lot of time hanging arownd the howse wayting for mama and dada now then as part of my noo career as a crimefiter i hav set up ser … servayl … spy kamras arownd the howse to monitor enny evildoors hoo may try to infiltrayt my hedkwarters heer is a sampul viddyo of ten minnits in the life of a sooperhero:

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