im falsly akyoozd yet agin

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay first off i wud like to thank my gud frend tony hoo is the only person to gess wot reely happend to the pillow wile mama and dada wer gawn tony sed this:

I reckon the Gophers did it just to get dennis in trouble

and he is absolootly rite see first the gofers came down the chimnee mishun imposibul style like so:

and then they got a stranje peese of ekwipment from tucker wot they yoozd to mayk that enormus mess in the living room:

so as yoo can see i wuz set up to tayk the fall for sumthing i didnt even do!!!!! forchoonatly i stil hav my gold card wich i can yooze to buy my way owt of this wun i hav herd their ar lots of sayls going on on akownt of labor day so i wil be going shopping for sum stuf to rektify this hole sitchooayshun i cant say more yet but just wayt and see yoo wil be amayzd!!!! ok bye

12 thoughts on “im falsly akyoozd yet agin

  1. I knew I was right, plus how could you have done that if you were in outer space, glad to see you made it back ok. Did the aliens do experiments on you????

    Dennis says: hello tony yes i am bak but all wil be reveeld abowt the aliens as the arkeolojy department continyoos to releese my memwars in dribs and drabs ha ha ok bye


  2. Dennis, I can’t believe that Tucker helped the gophers! Not cool. My mom doesn’t believe me, but the gophers infiltrated my house last week. They haven’t gotten to the pillows yet, but they empty the laundry baskets and shred my mom’s socks and underwear. One of my park friends told me to get a nanny-cam to catch the terrorists in the act. Grrr…


  3. Oh dear! I knew those ninja hedgehogs would ber back. Maybe you should try and make a ninja hedgehog trap and trap them to prove to your momma and dadda your innocence!


  4. My Mummy and Daddy used to have them thangs you call gophers but they called them prary dawgs. They wuz rescued pets here at my house for a long long time. Also they reely does like to tear thangs up so I think you should tell yer Mummy and Daddy it wuz a prary dawg what done this.


  5. Wow that’s amazing I guess everyone is wrong and we do get gophers here in the UK, ’cause the same thing happened to our Nana’s Vizsla Misty! In fact the same happened a few times to Nana’s old Vizsla, Misty’s Aunt Georgina, when she was young… Since Misty is a sweet dogy we’d never believed all the stories of her pillow and cushion destruction anyway, we reckoned it was Nana getting hungry in the night and eating the pillows herself! 😉 I shall send My Mummy over to tell Misty that the mystery is now solved and we know the truth of it all – it’s sure to make an old Vizsla very happy! 🙂


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