labor day sail

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog wel as yoo probly no i reseevd a gold card last week and so this week i desided to tayk advantaj of the labor day sails to go owt and puchas sum things i hav been needing for my sientifik endevors howevr as i no from hard ekspeeryense that hyoomans dont like dogs to go shopping in their stores i first had to wunse agin don my impenetrabul disgize:

now that i luk just like wun of the hyoomans its time to hed owt to the local mall ware they are running a number of hyooj labor day sayles i bet yoo cant even spot me on this esc … escal … on this majical mooving stairway i blend in so well!!!!!

first i hav to go pik up sum respektabul clothes becuz if yoo want saylspeepul to tayk yoo seriusly yoo hav to luk the part so its off to the mensware department

do theez pants mayk my tale luk too long????? no? ok then its on to the famus teknolojy store nown as radyo shak ware wun can buy wotever wun needs be it hedfones or speeker cabul or ipod aksessoreez in my kayse wot i am luking for is rite on display and as i had hopd it is all on sayle!!!!

let me just tayk my purchases to the casheer and then i wil be on my way to — wot??? oh luk its owr gud frends mall sekyoority!!!! yes of korse this is reely my gold card i got it awarded to me last week on my blog!!!! wot do yoo meen it is not a reel credit card??!! of korse it is!!!! next yoo wil tell me all those african bankers are not reely going to send me munny ha ha oh shoor i wil be happy to come with yoo are we going sumware fun????

14 thoughts on “labor day sail

  1. Dennis, you look very stylish in those clothes! I sure hope your Daddy has the inclination to bail you out after that pillow incident (you did clear it up with your Daddy that you weren’t at fault, right?).


  2. Poor Dennis … I don’t think we can blame the gophers for this one. I’ll bake you a big dog biscuit with a file in it …


  3. I think you better get your daddy to read the Aged Cat’s post on how to age a cat, because this could apply to dogs as well!
    Great disguise.


  4. Dennis, you even have on your disguise on the escalator. 🙂
    Cliff has dragged me many times to Radio Shack at our mall and have never seen Flux Capacitors there. Wow! You do look so snazzy in that suit! I was going to ask the same question as Goodbear about Albuquerque.

    P.S. Did the man in the men’s wear store or dept. pose for this picture?

    Jim says: It’s actually a publicity photo for a department store in the UK called Palmers, located in Great Yarmouth. It was just too perfect not to stick Dennis’s head on top of it!


  5. Last time my vizsla went shopping, he managed to acquire a beef stick from the bottom row next to the cash register. Since we were at the pet store, the cashier was pretty understanding (if they didn’t want the dogs to sample, why would they have those open bins down there at doggy height?). We’d already checked out so they let us have it for free. Those vizslas sure have speedy lips. 😉


  6. I’ve some glasses like those. They don’t help me blend in either. You look rather distinguished in a tie, I must say. Now you have a police record. Good thing you aren’t running for public office!


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