letter frum prizzin

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay i dont want ennywun to wurry abowt me wile i am in prizzin it is not so bad i am gitting fud and a bed the only problem is my sellmayt he nevr stops tawking and i think he must be crazy becuz the owtlandish storeez he tellz cudnt possibly be troo unlike my compleetly faktchooal advenchurs

ennyway i hav herd that trouble is sending her loyer down to alb .. albaq … noo meksiko to help me owt he is a top notch atturny frum the mithical land of noo york!!!!

just wen it seemd the trile wuz shoor to be lost my atturny mayd a startling discuvry that rockd the entire cortroom from the top to the bottom

evidently wun cannot try a dog in a hyooman cort of law hoo noo??? and so i wuz releesd and deported bak to california but stil they confiskayted my gold card and my flux capacitor and my mr fusion so at this rayt i will nevr finish rebilding the gofer broke oh wel i gess it is bak to solisiting munny from forin bankers for now ok bye

11 thoughts on “letter frum prizzin

  1. urgh! don’t talk to me about court today. i was there today too and i know it’s not a nice place. buuuut, both you and i are home again, which is a good thing!!!


  2. I read the story to Codiak and he wants to know what “prizzin” is. He wondered if it was the same thing that he slept in every night. I told him it was different, but he wanted me to ask you anyway!


  3. Did you make any “special Friends” in Jail Dennis? 😛 Or what goes on in jail stays in jail? hehe just teasing!!
    You looks very snazzy if your shirt and tie!! 🙂


  4. I’m glad you were sprung from the big house Dennis. Now, it’s time to be on your best behaviour or you might get community service next time and that might be minding (gulp) gophers. :0


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