noo flying toy!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay luk wot i got as a homecoming present its a noo flying toy!!!!! the nice lady at petco gave mama and dada a diskownt wen she fownd owt i had just ben releesd from the big howse its always gud wen sumwun wil giv an ex-con a brake!

throw it throw it throw it throw it!!!!!

as yoo can see this is wun of the famus hypnotic discs wot ar offen yoozd by supervillins and alien abductors howevr i am only going to yooze it for gud purposes like fetch teknikly i am not suppozd to possess a hypnotic disc wile i am on parole but they wil never find owt about it unless wun of yoo tells them ha ha

throw it agin dada!!!!!

hmm i seem to hav lost it in the tal choclat mint oh well its abowt time for a timeout ennyway if yoo no wot i meen ha ha i am shoor dada can find it for me

throw it agin dada!!!!!!!!!!

sinse dada cant seem to be trusted to keep the hypnotic disc in the yard wen he throws it i am just going to tayk it inside for safekeeping ok bye

17 thoughts on “noo flying toy!!!

  1. when does trixie get to lose her…accessory?

    Jim says: It was off for a while, but she started the bitey-bitey again so it went back on. It’s off at the moment but will probably go back on when we leave for work. Poor Trixie’s allergies are really bad this year!


  2. Dennis that looks like so much fun!@ I think it was the funniest seeing your tail wagging away!!
    Oh, and momma says that you should tell your dadda that she is very jealous of how green your lawn is 😛


  3. Dennis, I love your concentration when dada is getting ready to throw it. We won’t tell the parole board you have a strange hypnotic disc.

    Mandy is having major allergies now too. She has a sore near her leg and one on her back.


  4. Oh Dennis that is too much fun! Dont you just love fetch yeah me too. But mebbe you have the good idea not to jump up high and tumble down all the time. When I do that I get dirtys and Mummy has to give me bathies its awful. I should prolly do what you does and stay on the ground.


  5. Hai Dennis! Yoo is good at playing fetch! I want one of those hypnotic disks too but all I gots is a ball that lights up.


    ::springs in my feet:: :
    :springs in my feet::

    Can I come play wif yoo later?

    I is Jake!


  6. I like your hypnotic disc very much, Dennis. You are very good at fetch. I am glad that your Dada is good at it, too and can always find the disc when it goes astray.


  7. You & Trixie aren’t very good at finding things, what if Dada & Mama got buried in an avalanche??? Hopefully Tucker has a better hunting nose….
    P.S. Wha’s the Blue ring thing around Trixies neck???

    Jim says: Tucker easily has the best nose in the bunch. He needs it to find the garbage. Trixie’s “accessory” is a newfangled collar (replacing the old Elizabethan style) to keep her from biting herself.


  8. Hey Dennis! I thought you were a hunting dog? You’re supposed to HUNT down that hypnotic flying disk when Dad does a bad throw! Hunt until you find it, guy!!!


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