mr mark lusee or lusee mark or wotever

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog wel sinse my gold card has ben confiskayted i am bak to trying to get munny frum my gud frends the african bankers forchoonatly for me the air travel sistem over their seems to be verry unreliabul so their is no shortaj of ded bank customers with inactiv akkownts!!!!

so far i havent mayd enny munny off theez bankers yet but dada hasnt mayd enny munny off his buks eether so we ar even ha ha ok bye

12 thoughts on “mr mark lusee or lusee mark or wotever

  1. Dennis, you are just too funny.
    Don’t you just love the spelling in these letters that are from “professional bankers” and such? 🙂
    Oh, he died in “THE” air crash. I suppose they have only ever had one in Africa, and it was privately owned by this really rich guy, huh?

    Hey Dennis, don’t you think it’s a little suspicious that he had to ASK you your name in info. after he already supposedly had your name when he e-mailed you?

    My question is this: WHO do these letters work on? If they didn’t work on someone, people would not keep trying to send them out and hope for a response. Just a thought.

    Behr Behr 🙂


  2. Ah Dennis, just what I needed … an upnote to end a really bizarre week.

    And as for who they work on… those unfortunates who have the IQ of a dog, and are desperate enough to take a chance that they MAY just improve their situation 😦


  3. Dennis, this has made my day. So funny!! I am concerned about the ‘shearing’ that is about to go on though. I think what he actually meant to say was ‘fleecing’ lol.

    Jim says: OMG, I cannot *BELIEVE* I missed that one! 😉


  4. Hi Dennis I think mebbe this banker person is a dawg cause he writes n spells a bit like dawgs do cause dawgs arent too good with the gramar and thangs. Well okay thats not true cause I know a lot of dawgs that are reel good with writing thangs in their blogs but Mummy sez frankly Im too dum to write very good cause all i reely thinks about is my ball and playing fetch and even Gramma agrees Im pretty dum and she is surprized I have my own blog and that it is not just the word ball over and over. Anyways now I forgetted what I wuz saying oh yes this banker person what writes you these letters are you sure its not a nice but dum dawg that wants to help you get moneys fer so you can buy toys?

    Dennis says: hello dozer its dennis the vizsla dog hay i think yoo may be rite abowt the banker beeing a dog but for sum reezon dada is rolling arownd on the flor laffing abowt yore comment he is so silly ok bye


  5. Ok Dennis, You hve got very many of these letters but you have not got a single buck!(in your words)WOTS that about? Hope fully these African bankers are not ninja hedgehogs disguised as African bankers trying to get as much information about you as possible. Better be careful.


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