has ennywun seen my flying hypnotic disk???

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay has ennywun seen my noo flying hypnotic disk thingie lately????  i hav ben luking all over but i seem to hav misplaysd it!!!!

its not behind the armwar …

… and its not under the chayr owtside …

… its not on the patio tayble …

… and no in kayse yoo wer wundring that is not the famus orfan oranj in my mowth!!!!! ennyway bak to the flying hypnotic disk thingie it is not inside this other toy wot misteeryusly got disimbowld …

… and i cant tell if its in the sayf becuz dada wont giv me the combinayshun becuz he sez i hav loose lips wotever that means!!!

hmm it seems like my flying hypnotic disk is gawn for gud wich is too bad becuz i enjoyd chaysing it arownd the yard but oh well at leest it has not fallen into the rong hands like the ninja hedjhogs or the skwirrels that wood hav been disastrus ha ha ok bye

18 thoughts on “has ennywun seen my flying hypnotic disk???

  1. I have tried leaving a comment without being logge in using my blogger URL & it won’t work so I am logged in now.
    I am still having the Error problems so have deleted my WordPress Blog & am staying with Blogger from now on, hope you will continue to visit me there.


  2. Dennis, maybe you sent me your flying disc thingie for my birthday but forgot that you sent it. I will let you know if it arrives.


  3. To be “loose lipped” in humans means to be not very good at keeping secrets. In dogs, to be “loose lipped” means to be really good at giving everyone kissies. Unfortunately, this trait reveals a tendency to trust everyone, so that if someone were to ask you the combination to Dada’s safe, you would probably tell them. Sizeable oops.


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