wot do yoo meen i cannot has toez???

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay i am not shoor if i hav menshund this before but for a wile now tucker haz been obsessd with the ayteez moovee flashdanse and recently he has started waring leg warmers!!!!

he sez he is going to bring back the style but personally i think hes doomd to faylyoor and — wot??? oh dada sez they ar not leg warmers he sez its becuz tucker has a fungus on a kuple of his toenails and keeps trying to lik off the medicaytd oyl wot mama puts on them and so mama has mayd him ware a pair of soks hmm i am not shoor i beleev that crazy story i am pretty shoor it is becuz of tuckers flashdanse obseshun but oh well wotever yoo say dada

by the way i stil havnt fownd my flying hypnotic disc and now my sister trixie insists she is a bunny rabbit i am not shoor wot is going on arownd heer i think evrywun is loozing there minds oh well at leest i am still in full command of all my faculteez ha ha ok bye

13 Comments on “wot do yoo meen i cannot has toez???

  1. I loves socks too, does that mean I should watch flash dance too? I dont wear the socks though I just lays on them.

    I is Jake


  2. My momma loved flash dance,, I don’t really know what it is. I mean I know when she holds me a wobbels me all around the room she is dancing with me coz she says so but what is flash dancing?
    Anyways, I iz like momma, fashion smashion.. true fashion is finding your look and sticking to it and wearing it with confidence 🙂
    Be a trend setter not a trend follower 🙂
    Ohh p.s we hope the fungus goes away, but it is a good excuse to get warm salt foot baths and massages ;P


  3. Well is Tucker a maniac? Cuz, thats a sure sign he can flashdance. In that picture he looks very sleepy, maybe is was done with all his dancing.


  4. I hope Tucker’s fungus goes away soon. Toenail fungus can be really bad. I think something really weird is going on at your house, Dennis. Have you seen Trouble lately?


  5. He’s a total Maniac.
    Trixie better watchout that Elmer doesn’t visit your neighbouhood….
    Kill da wabbit, Kill da wabbit!!!!


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