no disassembul number five!!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog wel as yoo may no mama has another favrit pet besides me and tucker it is calld an ibuk and i no it is her favrit pet becuz it is in her lap all the time ennyway i dont no wot it did rong but it must hav dun sumthing becuz last nite dada tuk it away from mama and killd it!!!!

first he turnd it ovr on its hed …

… and then he cut its littel hart owt and i am not shoor but i think he ate it …

… and then he pried off the owter shel to reveel the inner shel …

… and this is wen it wuz reveeld that the ibuk had ben drinking coffee or mor akyooratly mama had ben leeving her coffee unattended neer the ibuk and then tucker wud come and drink it for her becuz tucker is a coffee acheevr but he is also verry jenerus and wud shayr mamas coffee with the ibuk!!!!

hay tucker how come yoo dont shayr with me but yoo shayr with the ibuk???? ennyway mooving on, dada remoovd the ibuks inner shell to reveel the tasy meet inside …

… and then dada remoovd this littel guy wot is apparently the ibuks lung and it wuznt wurking properly becuz the ibuk was overheeting wile mama yoozd it!

dada put in a noo lung wot he got from ifixit and then he put the ibuk bak together and he didnt even let me eet enny of the tasty meet frum inside i wuz verry disappoynted that he went to all the trouble to dissect mamas ibuk and i didnt even get to tayst it but ennyway now the ibuk is bak on mamas lap like nuthing happend altho mama has switchd to a noo coffee cup:

as for the ibuk i think it must be a zombie ibuk now just like that weerd but comfy noo bed or my brother tucker wen he duznt get his morning coffee ha ha ok bye

18 thoughts on “no disassembul number five!!!!

  1. I’m not sure, Dennis, but I don’t think that the iBook would have tasted too good, so you didn’t miss out on anything.

    Just remember : Cat Box Crunchies Are Not Food either.


  2. Tucker gets coffee and you don’t? Better off you didn’t get any coffee or you would probably get crated again because of the coffee jitters.

    Dennis, I haven’t been on WordPress in so long, I forgot my password. Can dada fix that for me? heh heh

    Dennis says: hello kathryn nice to heer from yoo!!!!! i wil ask dada if he nos yore passwurd or not he has a big secret buk ware he keeps all his forbidn nollidj ha ha ok bye


  3. Oh My! My mom has a pet laptop that looks kinda like your moms pet ibook! I didn’t know it was a pet! Is that why she like to keep it on her lap! And it gets to sit on the couch! Hmmmm. I am going to have to talk to momma about this! Oh, I hope your dada gave that poor ibook some anethesia dso it didn’t feel any of the operattion.


  4. I have never seen computer guts before. They are surprisingly green. I thought they would be red.

    Dennis says: hello daisy its dennis the vizsla dog yes compyooter guts ar green i think it is becuz they are frum the planet vulcan ha ha ok bye


  5. Wow your dadda is a surgeon or maybe a taxidermist, oh no wait.. if it’s zombified he must be a Voodoo witchdoctor.. ohh and Tucker ( with those eyes) must be his voodoo familiar.. I watch movies I know things….


  6. Oh…can I hire your dad? My laptop got drunk (wine and computers don’t mix either) and I have the same problem. I’m about to take it in to Best Buy…sigh.


  7. I LOVE coffee! I always wait anxiously while mom is drinking coffee to see if she will get up and leave it where I can get it!

    That ibuk thing doesn’t look like it would be nearly as warm or cuddly as you would, Dennis!


  8. Dennis-First time visiting your site. You are very entertaining.

    The Red Dawn Clan

    Dennis says: hello pam thanks for stopping by sinse yoo ar noo just let me stayt that evrything yoo see heer is compleetly troo and all pikchers are compleetly undoktord by dada no matter wot peepul mite say ha ha ok bye


  9. Wow, the only person I know who can take a gadget like that apart and fix it is Cliff’s brother and I’ve never seen it done. Thanks! Very interesting. Tucker, you poor baby, you look like you need some more of mama’s coffee.


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