The Wrath of Kong

What began as a quest to find the Kong of the Gods has led me into the midst of a battle between two starship captains, each with a will of iron, each commanding one of the most advanced war machines in the galaxy. My training as an archeologist never prepared me for anything like this.

The battle begins with a face-off between the Enterprise and the Space Spud, as each takes the other’s measure.

This moment of quiet is, unfortunately, short-lived. Each captain rallies his crew, and the battle is joined!

Captain Sweet Tater scores first blood with a devastating barrage from his Tater-Beam!

As volley after volley of super-ion-charged tater tots penetrates the Enterprise’s shields and rakes across the hull, warning lights go off throughout the bridge. The engineering crew works frantically to repair the damage. Kirk, undaunted, returns fire.

It’s a direct hit on the Space Spud’s engines! The Enterprise’s sensors detect a dangerous overload in the Space Spud’s hashbrownian motion engines. If they explode, it could destroy the Space Spud, the Enterprise, and everything else within a hundred thousand miles. Kirk gives the order to retreat, but with our damaged engines, can we make it in time?

Engineering is giving all the power they can to the engines, but it is not enough. We cannot get out of the blast radius in time. But just when it seems like all is lost, the brave Mr. Spock makes the ultimate sacrifice, going into a chamber filled with lethal radiation and repairing the engines, allowing the Enterprise to escape. But, sadly, for Mr. Spock, there is no escape; and he gives one last greeting to his friend Captain Kirk before succumbing to the radiation.

The loss of Spock is a great blow to the crew’s morale, and now we are short a bridge officer as well. Fortunately, Captain Kirk quickly finds a replacement to act as an interim science officer until we can return to the base.

Yes, it was a very close call; the evil Captain Sweet Tater almost managed to destroy the Enterprise, and me with it. But he didn’t reckon on the skill and daring of Captain Kirk and his crew; like me, Dennis the Vizsla, they never give up.

10 thoughts on “The Wrath of Kong

  1. After shooting it with the phasers, they should have bombarded it with sour cream and chives! Mmmm… delicious!

    Another brilliant adventure! Hurrah for James and Dennis. Dennis looks rather dashing in his fedora. He should always wear it.


  2. Hai Dennis, I is Jake and I has an idea…

    I cud help wif this. I like tater tots. I cud eat dem and yoo cud has some of course!


    ::springs in my feet::

    ::springs in my feet::


  3. Does the adventure & excitement ever stop???
    My veggie garden was over run with captain tater’s henchmen. We te most of them & finally captured & are ready to consume the last few survivors


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