Flyball Practice

As part of Dennis’s flyball training, my wife has been trying to teach him to go pick up a tennis ball from on top of a Yoplait yogurt container, with varying degrees of success.

The yogurt container is full of plaster of Paris, which I guess is supposed to keep it from tipping over. In this, it is only moderately successful.

“Aieee, it moved!”

Dennis is easily distracted …

“Oooh, it squeaks!”


“Oh, is THAT all you wanted me to do?”

14 thoughts on “Flyball Practice

  1. ok, I don’t get it, tell me again why balls are fun?

    Dennis says: hello pennycat its dennis the vizsla dog balls ar fun becuz they bownse and they roll and they skweek and they bownse and they oh wate i alreddy sed they bownse and they can be thrown and the roll and yoo can hit them with yore paw and they bownse and i no i am forgetting sumthing wot is it oh i remember now they bownse!!!! ok bye


  2. well done there!!! my shadow still now, only gives the ball back when HE wants to. but then again, i’ve not really been training him. and what’s this with add??? you think??? would explain a lot in this house…


  3. Like with so many things it seems it was 3rd time lucky! 🙂 I too have been experimenting with clicker training with My Mummy, I have so far learnt to sit and wait for My Mummy to click and feed me a treat as well as beg, wait for the click and get my treat. Now the question is what next do I train My Mummy to do with the clicker?! 😉


  4. I cannot IMAGINE Cai and Fergus sitting still in the same room as each one takes a turn at something. Must work on training, must work on training…


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