aint no mowntin hi enuf

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay recently my gud frend amanda showd pikchers of her visit to mownt evans in the mithical land of colorado and i rememberd heering that dada and his brother had visited this spot wen they were just puppeez in the aynchent lost decade of the seventeez wen they didnt hav enny internets or dijital pikchers ennyway i manajd to track down fotografik evidense of this visit by contacting the top secret sowrse wot gayv me such other aynchent fotografs like this wun so now i present to yoo scanned thirty yeer old slides:

wow dada is just a tiny littel puppy in this pikcher!!!! dadas brother is the wun standing on the rock

well i gess thats it for mownt evans thanks for the pikchers secret sowrse!!!!!  oh hay wate wot is that thing i see coming over the mowntin????

aiiiieeeeee its spiny norman!!!!! run away!!!!

18 thoughts on “aint no mowntin hi enuf

  1. how lucky is your dada that these are now preserved! tell him it would be interesting to see a ‘now’ and ‘then’ side by side to see how things have changed?


  2. Those are very beautiful mountains! And your dada was a cute puppy, was he thinking of going for a swim! Oh and this is also proof that ninja hedgehogs exsisted even back in ancient times!


  3. Wowz, is that a volcanic place? is looks like hot rocks!!
    Either wayz, they are very gorgeous piktures!!
    I iz glad though that we can look at piktures on the internets now, all those little rocks would hurts my paws 😉


  4. first visit to yur blog.

    i am a cat lover and have 4……

    great blog.

    Dennis says: hello wlk thanks for stoping by wow fore cats!!!! mama and dada yoozd to hav too but now they just hav wun i wish they wud get sum more maybe then trouble wood be less kranky but then agin maybe she wood be more kranky hmmmmm ok bye


  5. The ultramarine of that lake is really something. I was expecting the milky turquoise colour of the glacier-fed lakes that I saw in New Zealand.


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