hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog wel mama and dada hav left me owt of the krate the last kuple of times that they hav gawn owt and so far i hav not had to destroy ennything as yoo can see i hav finaly put thoze pillos and kushons and blankits and fleeses in there playse:

now as long as those pillos and kushons and blankits and fleeses stay up their we wont hav enny trouble and speeking of trouble trixie will yoo come down frum their!!!!! yoo ar not a bunny rabbit and even if yoo were bunny rabbits dont climb fireplayses!!!! ok bye

17 Comments on “treed

  1. that’s a giant carrot! and so very orange. almost tooooo orange.

    Dennis says: hello goodbear its dennis the vizsla dog hay dada sez their is no such thing as too oranj but mama seems to disagree ha ha ok bye


  2. Those blankets are so scared they’re sweating. hehe TROUBLE really did a number on Trixie. That is such a cute picture of you Dennis!


  3. Ooooo I agrees with Good Bear!!! Iz good that they is out of the way but wowie would it make a mess if “someone” tried to get to them!!!
    Ohhh that is such a dilema!! 🙂


  4. If it were my house, with Jerry the Rhodesian FridgeSnack on the loose, the couch and chairs and all our other worldly belongings would have to be up there, too.


  5. DENNIS!! Hai, I is Jake! Yoo know, the creatures may come back and tear those apart again, they cud fly cudn’t they?

    I is Jake!


  6. My dog always loved carrots but she wasn’t good at climbing. At first I thought Trixie’s head had been mounted on the wall!


  7. Dennis, I’m so pleased that you aren’t tempted by the sewn on pillow on Daddy’s chair in the corner. That would be a bad turnout, indeed!


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